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Originally Posted by ROAD RENEGADE View Post
Thanks Tom,

the rear bumper actually came off my 07 red Eclipse. I loved the look so much I had to repaint and put it on my 08 SE. As for the make, I,m not 100% sure if the company is producing this kit anymore. ACI and other 4G part distributors removed this bumper off there sites cause it wasn't popular. As far as I know, Im the only 4G running the rear bumper

Here is a link to the makers:

JC Autostyles
I was afraid of this. I had seen it for sale on auto city imports quite a while ago, and I was hoping they just removed it because it didn't sell as well, but they were still being manufactured. I have to find a way to get my hands on one of these bumpers, because every rear for the 4g doesnt look that great to me.

Originally Posted by brendonalgeier View Post
Yeah dude, that rear bumper is fucking sick. I'm going to try my hardest to track one of those down.
Keep me updated! Maybe we can tag team this. I sent an email to JC inquiring about it, I'll let you know when they reply. I would pay any price for this bumper... its the one.

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