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Desert Rat is just really niceDesert Rat is just really niceDesert Rat is just really nice
Originally Posted by ROAD RENEGADE View Post
The car is factory white itself, I just scuffed the car and cleared matte over it. As for the kits, there is always body work to do on them after getting em shipped to you. I added the "hot rod" black accents after the matte clear went on. The only thing I must tell you guys is that YOU WILL either have to make your exhaust a turn down right where our spare tire goes, or make a center exhaust like I did on my 07. The stock exhaust pipe does not lead to any port out the rear. Please check out my home page and go under my photo album to check out my last build from a few years go. Let me know if you guys have any other questions.
Thanks Tristen, I really appreciate it! I don't mind any amount of fabrication needed, its kind of expected with a bumper of that magnitude. I'll spend 6 months fabricating it if I need to, I just want it so bad.
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