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Originally Posted by blkwings View Post
This is awesome Plain Jane, great job! I had a set of Conti DW and loved them, very nice tires. Can't wait to hear how you like the RRE Headers, I wish I could do those, but living in CA those are a no-go for me.

When you're ready for coilovers, and I've plugged this many times so forgive if this is redundant, but I HIGHLY recommend contacting Welcome to Muellerized Suspension Systems. John Mueller was the original chassis/suspension guy at RRE, and did the suspension for the Ralliart Eclipse for Mitsubishi and for the RRE Eclipse Race Car. He's seriously one of the best suspension guys in the US and he's very familiar with the 4G.

Basically they'll send you fill-in PDF questionnaire asking about budget, driving style, goals, mods, etc., then put together an estimate/package custom for you. They'd then ship you ready to install coilovers, completely customized and tuned for your needs.

They've been awesome to me, and my coilovers are easily the best mod I've done. Great for track day and livable as DD's. He did the install on mine (plus brakes) about 5 years ago and still going strong.
Thanks, Muellerized coils are definitely on my short list. Want to take care of a few other things before I get there though.

RRE headers are installed. First impression: it's a bit buzzy. You don't hear it as much in the car, but it's there. Between 3-4k rpm it's more noticeable (no buzz at all under 2k). Not the most irritating thing in the world though, I practically forgot about it by the time I got home. The throttle seems more sensitive and will react instantly to minor movements. I didn't change my driving style in the least bit and have peeled the tires on half throttle all around town. I didn't get a chance to flog it much as there was a lot of traffic, but I'm fairly certain it picked up a few ponies at the shop.

I smelled fuel just after starting the car up for the first time. Car runs very well with no CEL (yet).

Stock manifolds:

'07 GT build thread - 280whp, 254wtq

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