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Originally Posted by Plain Jane View Post
You commented faster than I could edit my post lol. Yeah, the buzzing/rasp is minor, and is even less noticeable when in the car. Not that much louder overall either (I didn't rev it past 5k in the other videos).
Lol I try man. Nah its just a slow day at work
Well after watching all three of your videos i still stand by my previous post. Nothing but awesomeness! I need to do headers now too.....
Your video is extremely helpful, I have been trying to figure out what stock exhaust sounds like with rre headers. Since im trying to keep the sound pretty close to stock. I know that mine will probably sound different since i have dual exhaust(Well... Mitsubishi's version lol) My next sound clip or video is trying to figure out what rre headers and the intake sounds like with an exhaust cutout. Which i can find on every other car but ours.

Regardless thanks for the videos, they helped out perfectly. I hope your headers work out they way you want. I think tcscoccer09 is right in the fact that maybe putting a better resonator is needed for less buzzing aka the rasp*a*nator
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