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New people wanting to mod....... START HERE!

Hello all my name is Catherine and I'm not new to owning Mitsubishi's cause I've owned a couple. But I'm a owner of a 2011 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder sport convertable GS. Anyway Im here in this form because Im actually really intrigue by modifying my 2011 eclipse!!! So SHEhas become my baby and a project! So anyway what Im looking to do is probably change my inside interior the most as well as the exterior. My first project is deafly going to be changing of my headlights I would like them to be a LED assembly instead of the HID one that comes factory installed from Mitsubishi. Was wondering what headlights assemblies would be probably the best ones to go for.. obviously cost-efficient and really good highlights.

That I really like to start would be I want to change the actual piece of my stereo frame? See below

What I have now.

Any chance anyone know some good sites of where I can change it replaced its frame of course changing the stereo as well Id appreciate it

Then another project will be the actual body of my car I love the demon body and I would love to actually know if there somewhere I can find just only Demon only bodykits designed for my 2011

Places I can go to actually learn how to do it all by myself yes Im a female and I can be very good with my hands

Here is my car and then below are things I want to modify on my vehicle.

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