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Since I was constantly throwing codes P0137/P0157, I went ahead got a tune from Stayer. The tune is wonderful, but something I was not aware of was the Stayer tune completely disables the O2 sensors. This means it will never be I/M ready, meaning it will never pass a smog/emissions OBDII test.

I've read so many reviews for Stayer I don't know how I missed this, or how this isn't an issue for everyone in the US. Most states require this test.

My stock cats had failed, so I can't go back. I asked Stayer to keep the tune and activate the O2 sensors, thinking I would do the drilled spacer option. That's not possible at the moment was he'll need to create a new custom tune for this. I'll pay him to do this but is an option that others could use too?

What have other Stayer tuners done to pass smog tests?

I cannot wait for this be over.
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