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Originally Posted by blkwings View Post
Stayer has done dozens of 4G tunes in the US, does anyone else have issues passing smog/emissions testing with O2 sensors disabled? I can't be the only one. Is it worth his time to customize a tune that activates E3 monitoring? I think it is, I love the tune and would like keep it, but it needs to pass a simple OBDII scan.
I think the issue is that most of the US still doesn’t have to do emission checking which is both good and bad for different reasons (air pollution, financial struggles for poor people who can’t afford to properly fix their car, and taxes the government collects from making people E-Check)
In Ohio the only area that has to do E-Check is the Cleveland area and surrounding areas, nowhere else do you have to do it, not Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron/Canton, Toledo, Sandusky, Mansfield, or anywhere else
So most people may not have worried about if their tune is affecting their E-Check status, I have checked my Eclipse with the Hackish tune and I have no front cats and my car does pass the Cat test, and every readiness monitors except Evap readiness because I have an Evap leak P0455 large leak code but that’s related to a broken Evap pipe on my gas tank not related to exhaust or O2 sensors, and my Hackish tune has the Cat Converter efficiency changed to 100%, the Rear O2 sensors still need to be there and working tho for fine fuel trims, and O2 heater codes

This is unlike my ‘02 WRX tho where I can disable codes in ROMRaider or ECU Flash and just unplug unnecessary emissions stuff like rear O2, Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor, Tumble Generator Valves, not to mention it doesn’t even have an EGR system to worry about, my Evap system does work on that car tho and throws no codes but I can disable all of them and get out the Evap system if I wanted to, I can even force the readiness monitors to be set to good, and still get a passing E-Check readiness monitor readout either way

So not sure what’s up with the Stayer tune because my Hackish tunes Eclipse and my Open Source ECUFlash and ROMRaider tuned WRX have passing readiness monitors for Rear O2 codes with no cats being checked by rear O2 sensors
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