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Originally Posted by Sabertooth^2 View Post
Yeah, it's actually not a whole lot on an engine harness.

Quick list:
Injectors, crank position sensor, cam position sensor, coilpack plugs, MIVEC solenoid, coolant temperature sensor, oil level sender, MAF sensor, MAP sensor, throttle body, EGR (you can use a vacuum EGR from an evo 8, no plugs, or delete it), alternator, power steering, ABS... And with creativity you can remove some of that stuff or use alternate systems
Thanks a ton sabertooth. I honestly can delete almost all of that since I have no ps, egr, map, abs. From looking at pictures it seems mitsu used the same plugs for cam an crank on 6g75 as they did on 2nd gen 6g72tt. Already have maf (likely converting to an arc2 92mm maf anyway). I have to check plug styles for coolant temp. The oil stuf is aftermarket on my car already so that's null and void. COP as well since I'll use 3S DIS with plug wires. That leaves me with injectors and MIVEC. Nt tooo bad I cant complain......🤗
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