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I used nightshades plastic tint (you can pick it up at AutoZone) on the outside of mine. I just sprayed it lighter on the edge than the top/bottom and it turned out nice.
I sprayed an expensive clear coat over it but I don't think I roughed it enough first and it's started to flake. I'll re-spray it once the weather warms up again and I expect that will take care of it.

The nice thing about tinting it, instead of painting, is you can control how dark it gets. You could mask off the 3rd light but I hid an LED flow strip inside mine, so my goal was to hide that during the day.

It's a bit tricky taking it apart and getting it back together. It's surprisingly flimsy once you get the shell apart. You'll also need to reseal it when you put it back together and probably put a silicon seal on the gap when you re-install, just to be safe. Water getting inside is what killed mine, and I cracked it trying to take it apart the 2nd time. Be careful, it only took 1 second of being distracted for mine to crack.

Good luck, I think tinted/deleted looks way better than the clear/chrome look it came with stock.
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