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My friend and I rounded off an 02 socket , both jumped on a breaker bar to try and get that drivers side to break , couldn't fit the impact in there . So I took it to a shop and they got it loose with heat but said there was no room for the spacers , not even one . . . I went and bought the curved J shape fouler so hopefully that fits in there , cost 5 times what the other ones do . Starting to question the shop I went to cause I bought a muffler and they told me it doesn't fit when my buddy said he can do it with one cut and 30 minutes . . . As for a tune that would be ideal but I'm like $6500 into this GS with 150,000km and it's factory minus the cai and free speakers a buddy gave me lol . Another $750 for a tune and my girlfriend will tell me to take a hike lol
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