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Ya it makes me question what he said about the spacers not fitting . Now that they broke it loose I'm gonna see for myself and if that's true I'm sure the J shape fouler will make it work . And definitely gonna take that muffler to another shop asap . Doesn't make any sense , if he didn't wanna do it why not just say that right ? I said if this muffler "doesn't fit" can you order me one in that does ? And he literally said " we don't do that here" (Budget Brake and MUFFLER) lol . All he did was cut the 3rd cat out for $75 . Oh and on top of all that I asked for my keys and he just sat there texting and said there in the car , the car was up on the hoist still , literally had to lower it and back it down myself while they watched lol . Definitely has to be a liability !

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