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Thread: I have a question 2007 4G GT blows Engine control 20Amp fuse
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Originally Posted by alex_sauvage View Post
An update: hopefully it will be helpful to someone. 20Amp fuse # 9 goes to majority of engine sensors. I started checking sensor wiring and noticed that heat shield is touching oxygen sensor wire. Could not see any damage to the wire, but after I eliminated the contact things went back to normal. Been driving for a week now and no blown fuses. I guess somehow the circuit was grounding as I was driving and it would blow the fuse. Interesting, the engine would not stall, even when most sensors were disabled by blown fuse. But I could feel some loss of power, but not much. Hopefully things will stay OK.
Thanks for the update, yeah if any sensor goes offline, the ECU has preset failsafes programmed in to keep running anyway, aside from the crankshaft and camshaft sensors, and probably the knock sensor at the minimum for it to at least run
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