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Originally Posted by chuck View Post
hey lookin good ,imo you should do all your lids under the hood too
The thought crossed my mind today!

I just grab something that will come off while I'm under there for another reason. Paint it, heat gun it, repeat a few times (poor man's powder coating!) while I'm doing whatever else. Eventually it'll all be done.

Today I was working the radio around. The trim doesn't fit in the dash perfectly, and I found out today that it wasn't the radio's fault. I think the dash itself is a teensy bit warped or bunched around the left top of the trim. I'm working up the courage to attempt (and the time to figure out exactly WHAT) to cut out a small piece of it out with a utility knife (but those get away from me sometimes).

While I was inside the car, I got a good look (and made good progress) on a minor minor mod. The DC accessory plug (I still call it the cigarette lighter even though I don't smoke anymore and there's no coil in the plug OR ashtray in the car). I keep a 2-port Griffin USB charger in it at all times and the dust cover doesn't fit over it. I dremeled out the insides of the dust cover. It now fits over the plug but doesn't stay on it. My plan is to get some large shrink wrap tubing and shrink a layer or two or three around the head of the USB charging plug. That should eventually provide a snug fit.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I got more nosey and took that whole panel off. It was the first time I've had it out, and I cracked it on the driver's side where the parking brake is. I managed to epoxy the break, but you can still see a seam. I was already thinking of getting one out of an Auto-GT so I could have the factory switches-for the heated seats-to play with for things like a garage door opener, a rear hatch button, know...maybe a heated seat!
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