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cerealkeller April 27th, 2018 03:04 AM

Tune For Car With Identical Mods
I used to have a 4G GT with bolt ons and a tune by hackish (UV Tune I think). I'm curious, if I bought another GT and reinstalled all my mods from the other GT, could I flash the modified tune from the other GT on to a different GT with identical mods and have it work? I wouldn't do this haphazardly, I just want to know if it's possible.
On a side note, who's doing tuning for the 4G GTs now? I remember getting an email saying UV Tune was closing a couple years back.

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stayer April 27th, 2018 04:15 AM

I can do a full tune-up for you. To do this, you will need an Tactrix openport 2.0 cable and Internet access. The cost of $ 300. If you're interested, write a PM.

ROAD RENEGADE April 27th, 2018 06:40 AM

Hey Dave,

I cannot answer your question 100% guaranteed, but to the best of my knowledge you wont be able to use your old tune on a different Eclipse. You have to register each cars vin number to each licensed server with Hackish. Thus not allowing you to tune your new car with your old setup (not identical vin #). If you were able to do so, I could take Hackish's tuning software and tune your car for free sense I am registered with Hackish, which would cut into his profits.

This is just my best guess seeing as how Micheal would loose lots of money if you could tune any Eclipse after buying his reflash. Best thing to do is contact Micheal and do your best to see if he can set you up sense you are a returning customer.

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