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bloomington, Minnesota United States



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Last Updated: 8-15-2012 04:37

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2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse Enthusiast and Performance

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Scottishsamurai's 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse


 Blue LED lights, Universal harness bar, Orange Summit racing Harness, Customer Switches; fogs, inner glow, underglow, customer AUX stereo in-put, customer center dash paint (color match orange) Momo Auto shifter, fully customer made show roll cage



Mitsubishi vinyl, Aftermarket fogs (, Orange LED Underglow, Customer made eye lids (Coming soon)

Engine and Exhaust

 DC CAI, Gutted stock headers

Suspension, Wheels, Tires and Brakes

 ATL rotors w/ semi ceramic pads

In Car Entertainment




another with the Stillwater PD 4G of the twin cities mega meet in Stillwater, MN 4G of the twin cities mega meet in Stillwater, MN our guest who possed in the pic with us, and no the cops didn't show because of us 4G of the twin cities mega meet in Stillwater, MN New harness Bar New Harness MOA Parking MOA Parking quick meet Working on our cars first meet real Club 4G + Mitsubishi cookout= 4G of the Twin Cities (The day most of us met) 4G of the twin cities mega meet in Stillwater, MN 4G of the twin cities mega meet in Stillwater, MN Show only roll cage, truck rail system Show only roll cage 99% done

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