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Picture from over summer. Freshly washed maybe? I don't remember, haha.

Picture from over summer. Freshly washed maybe? I don't remember, haha.

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i saw your topic about the r spec spoiler on club4g and i just wanted to tell u a little story about this spoiler cuz i seen that u were interested in it. first off all i got this spoiler hooked on my silver Gt eclipse, and i must say its the profile of my car its a looker it got that fast and the furious feel to it when u drive and see people lookin at it. The spoiler will not look good on Gs cars it only looks good on GTs only. It looks good from the back and front side angle when u take pics of it for showing off. Make sure u also have work done on ur car before adding a spoiler soo massave it wont look right with just having a spoiler, id go with atleast 20 inch rims like i have ok now moving on to fitment there were problems with the fitment but i had the body shop spend extra time on it and they did a great job on it, it also cost me an arm and a leg in labor, cuz the fiber glass is a piece of shit like they mentioned the fiber glass cracked durin the proccess but after it was filled up and re painted it was nice looking on my car and i had the spoiler on for about 2 years now it looks great on only 2006 and 2007 models GTs ONLY i saw that r spec spoiler on a regular gs car and it looked ugly...based on your car i dont think it will look good cuz ur car doesnt have a KIT on the back and The GTS have the kits soo it blends in more with that spoiler anyways look at my pictures to find out for ur self u have ur self a good day if u got any questions about the spoiler plz feel free to message me.

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