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  1. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    2009 Eclipse GS. I was talking with my co worker about my fuel economy or lack of. He suggested changing the fuel injectors. Will this increase my fuel economy and if so could you steer me towards what products to look for. I would have a mechanic handle this job. Thanks
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Looking to dress up under the hood. The stock hood support rod is rusty and seen a couple of photo's of what appears as a custom support rod. Doing a search resulted in zero hits and basically down to asking you guys what the field is doing. 09 Eclipse GS
  3. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Looking to dress up under the hood. The stock hood support rod is rusty and seen a couple of photo's of what appears as a custom support rod. Doing a search resulted in zero hits and basically down to asking you guys what the field is doing. 09 Eclipse GS
  4. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey guys, I just found the forum last night and the amount of info here is amazing for someone like me who doesn’t know about cars. I am in a rough spot financially and a student of mine is helping arrange a purchase of a 2009 Eclipse GS. It is manual transmission and I drove it for about 10...
  5. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I’ve recently replaced my bulb to an LED H13. I want to align them since they aim to low. I’ve searched around the forum and went and look by the frame through the hole, but no screw exists. Where is it? 09 Eclipse GS
  6. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi everyone, just found this forum and couldn't be happier. About a month ago I bought a manual 2009 Eclipse GS from a dealership (literally the only eclipse I've seen for sale in MI) and it only has ~82,xxx miles on it. The first thing I did to it was get the rims dipped black and installed...
  7. Problem Reports
    Hello...I am new to this forum. Just bought a used 2009 Eclipse GS for my son as his first a great deal, and he loves it! My apologies in advance if this question has been asked/answered/beaten to death, but I have done searches on both the forum and Google in general and have seen...
  8. Problem Reports
    I have a 2009 Eclipse GS. Recently the blower motor stopped working and the air/heat stopped working. The radiator fans also do not power on anymore, causing my car to overheat while idling. I believe they are directly correlated to a fuse or relay. I've replaced a few fuses and other issues...
  9. Member's Rides
    My ride is nothing special atm. Pretty basic mods have been done such as: Injen cai Magnaflow Cat-back exhaust Tein s-tech lowering springs Liquidmetal shadow wheels 17" Still get people complimenting it. Mostly because i keep it really clean essentially its just like it was when i first bought...
  10. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey could anyone share a link that shows me the location of the camshaft sensor on my 2009 eclipse gs . i have looked and looked and cant find anything on it . thank you
  11. Member's Rides
    Mods: Tint all the way around, Tein Racing springs ,After market Halo headlights, Mitsubishi stock Spoiler , Rally front bumper, Rally Armor mud flaps, After market touch screen stereo, Ralliart style Eye lids, Red Interior lighting, Red horns just for the hell of it, Awesome dragon ball shift...
  12. New Members Forum
    Whats up everybody ,Andrew here form Orlando Florida happy to get involved 2009 Black manual Eclipse Gs with a rally bumper Once i get wheels my build will be complete, Let me know what you think Or any wheel suggestions !
  13. Problem Reports
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and need some help. I've looked for threads and Googled for help but none seem to have the exact problem I'm having. I have a 2009 Eclipse GS auto with about 200k miles on it. For the past 5 months or so it has been having a issue starting. When...
  14. New Members Forum
    Greetings everyone, I’m Bob from Rahway, New Jersey. For starters, as a first ever Forum “Newbie", I would like to express my admiration and gratitude to everyone involved with the contribution and organization of all the useful, top notch information available on this site. If it weren't...
  15. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi all, 2009 Eclipse GS w/ 46k miles So the last few weeks I have noticed a clicking noise when I'm driving. It doesn't exist when I'm not moving or going really slow. I can hear it for sure when I'm driving 10+ mph. It sounds like it is originating from the drivers side but I haven't been...
  16. Audio & Lighting
    Hi guys, I have a 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with the stock audio system. This past summer I replaced all 4 speakers with the following...
  17. Problem Reports
    So I've had my 2009 GS for about a month now, and I love the car. The only things I don't like so far are some of the little issues it has. Imgur album of these things: 2009 Eclipse GS - Album on Imgur 1. The windshield has some streaks in the wiper blade areas, and these streaks cause...
  18. New Members Forum
    Hey guys, name's Brandon. Last weekend I went and drove for over an hour to go buy my '09 Eclipse GS. It has 97k miles, 1 previous owner, 0 accidents, and routine oil changes. I paid $7,000 after taxes for it. This is my replacement car after my 2000 Toyota Camry XLE was totalled in an...
  19. New Members Forum
    Guys, I have 2009 Eclipse GS. I want to add more horsepower. What should I do first? What can I add that will give me more power and speed? Thanks
1-19 of 84 Results