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18 inch

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    set of rims for sale stock rims with stock lugs 18x8 +45 offset $200 (center caps not included) Stock 18 Inch Rims For Sale Photos by Keyes19 | Photobucket Chrome Center Caps as pictured above were purchased from Mitsubishi for $17 each, and i can provide paperwork if necessary. i am willing...
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    Here i have a set of stock 18x8 +45 rims from my 4G GS SE and the 4 chrome center caps. i have no use for them at all anymore since they will not clear my Brembo Calipers. they have been on the car for about 80k mile and any curb rash or dings were there when i purchased the car from the dealer...
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    Up for sale: OEM 18" alloy wheels. In excellent condition with only very minor curbing. Includes OEM lugs. Asking $475 + shipping. Please PM with questions!
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    Goodyear Eagle RS/A 235/45 R18 - lower price Sold