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  1. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to buy new or used automatic transmission gearshift cable (Mitsubishi part#MR567425) for my 2009 Eclipse. Believe it or not, even my local Mitsubishi dealer is unable to find the part (new or used) since August!
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey y'all its about time to change my clutch on my 2009 GS manual. Im starting to get a little slip on it; my RPM gets high but still settles back in properly when i ease the gas. I am thinking about doing it myself once i have a free weekend. I paid about $1000 three years ago for the current...
  3. New Members Forum
    My son recently purchased a 2009 Eclipse Spyder. Its a great looking car but needs a rear bumper cover replacement. He is looking at maybe a front and rear bumper cover kit to upgrade the look. We are seeing mixed reviews on the kits and wanted to research what would be the best. Has anyone...
  4. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    My son just purchased a 2009 Eclipse Spyder and is looking to upgrade the look by adding a body kit. The rear bumper needs replaced due to some gouges. We have looked online and got wide array of prices and reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  5. Problem Reports
    Hello all, I've got a few clear coat problems that I am looking for guidance/suggestions on. One's a doozy. Well I guess they are both bad. But this one is something I should have taken care of sooner. Basically the coat is chipping off of my driver side mirror: The other one is one I...
  6. Audio & Lighting
    Have a question about hid headlights being dim. I just acquired a 2009 Eclipse GT and the hid's seem dim. 1st step was to replace both headlight bulbs but thru a mixup only 1 hid bulb was replaced. The headlights seem a little brighter, but in general still seem dull/dim. The clear plastic of...
  7. Problem Reports
    I have a 2009 with the 2.4L that after pulling into the driveway the other night the check engine light came on and it started idling rough as hell. I shut it off and restarted it. It started back up but ran rough as hell, tach was at around 1000rpms but it felt like 150-200, it would finally...
  8. New Members Forum
    Hello there! I'm AJ, out of Maryland, US. Just joined the club with a 2009 Eclipse Spyder GS. I've always had a crush on the Eclipse since I was younger and Fast and the Furious came out. The body style was so sleek and smooth looking. I was elated to see that this 4G was the only car in my...
  9. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    For those of you that have replaced the OEM airbox with aftermarket ram tubes/air filters, and still have it sitting on your shelf collecting dust. I'm looking for the OEM air box Mitsubishi P/N MN180007.
  10. New Members Forum
    Greetings!! Im new here, call me Will. From Puerto Rico with love. I Have a 4g 2006 Eclipse gs auto(wish it was manual) in black/burgundy color. Its completely stock. Bought it on 2009. Right now is in the shop giving it a complete refresh. Its getting painted all around like new with new angel...
  11. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    2009 Eclipse GS. I was talking with my co worker about my fuel economy or lack of. He suggested changing the fuel injectors. Will this increase my fuel economy and if so could you steer me towards what products to look for. I would have a mechanic handle this job. Thanks
  12. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Dear All, Greetings. I am in UAE, apparently i am having a hard time to get Side Mirror Driver Side. I have anyone from the group can help. The back cover was lost. please help where can i order it. Really Appreciate it. Renz
  13. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    The molded carpet in my 2009 GS is starting to show some wear and wanting to replace. Did some searching and apparent that might not be possible since I was only able to find a dealer that went up to only 2005. Is this a hard truth that no one is out there offering an OEM replacement for the 4G...
  14. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi folks, I have a 2012 Eclipse GT, fully loaded. Even though I bought it in brand new at a dealership back in 2012, it's got less than 11k miles. That doesn't mean I haven't read the manual cover to cover many times in those years. It just means that I didn't need to drive it as often as most...
  15. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Never saw this before, fun article about RRE and RRM's race build from waaaay back in 2009. I wonder if Rob from RRM still races it, I'd love to see how it's doing now.
  16. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    2009 gs. Headlight casing sanded and still can't see at night due to shitty lighting in my city. I'd like to upgrade to something as legally bright as I can go with plug and play that doesn't cost an arm and leg. Every web page I read has different recommendations on what is the best. Any...
  17. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi guys, I’ve been having a mystery issue here that I am having some issues diagnosing. I can provide extra info if it might help. A couple of weeks ago the car would not start but if I took the key out and put it back in then it would with no issues. It doesn’t crank or anything when it...
  18. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey guys, I just found the forum last night and the amount of info here is amazing for someone like me who doesn’t know about cars. I am in a rough spot financially and a student of mine is helping arrange a purchase of a 2009 Eclipse GS. It is manual transmission and I drove it for about 10...
  19. New Members Forum
    I just wanted to say hello. I now own a 2009 GS Eclipse. Nothing special done really, just a new intake and better radio. I do have some future plans for my car but that will come in the later years. Right now my car is having some trouble and I have absolutely no clue what is going on with it...
1-19 of 500 Results