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  1. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Question. Are all the oil caps on the 4Gs the same size? 2006 vs. 2011? GS vs. GT? Im wanting to get a nice oil cap compared to the stock one but all the ones I find online say they fit the 2006 model and then the 3Gs. Here is a cap on ebay for reference. MITSUBISHI RALLIART BILLET GUNMETAL...
  2. Tuning and Electronics
    Well boys and girls, I have had some fun making the best 4Gs out there, but unfortunately, I have received dozens of emails and messages for tuning with only 1 person actually pay for my services. I have successfully made some of the highest horsepower 4Gs out there, and for that I am proud. 6...
  3. Non Automotive Related For Sale/Wanted
    FS: Iphone 3/3g/3gs/4/4S/5 Cases I have (most of them are brand new) cases for iphones = all gens. Iphone 5 case = $20 Iphone 4/4S case = $15 Iphone 3/3g/3gs case = $10 HTC OneX Case = $15 Prices are inclusive of shipping. Hit me up!
1-3 of 335 Results