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  1. Great Lakes Region
    Would be nice to get a 4G meet set up around central Illinois. Plenty of good areas. (I'm new to the forums btw, nice to see you all.)
  2. Midwest
    "Friday, March 27at 5:00pm - 8:00pm Rosedale Center 10 Rosedale Ctr, Roseville, Minnesota 55113 Hey Guys and Gals, I was hoping we could get the 4Gs together for a meet next Friday. We can do pictures and a cruise and whatever else you guys want to do. Let me know if time and place does or...
  3. Great Lakes Region
    Hey guys I have been trying to plan a meet up for months now and I am finally able to set one up! On JUNE 29TH I am going to plan to have a quick meet up somewhere close to the Downers Grove area for everyone close to there or just north or east of there in general. Then cruise on down caravan...
  4. Florida
    CANCELED. SEE LATEST POST FOR DETAILS :PHello fellow Tampa members, and all other florida members for that matter. There has been a lot of movement in the C4G world in our area, and after a discussion with Richie (RichieM22), its only right a beach meet is in order in our wonderful state. Heres...
  5. Mid-Atlantic
    Alright guys, I know all of us have been extremely patient in waiting for another northeast 4g meet!!! The plan is to meet up at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack NY, hang out and talk about our sexy 4g's and hit up Dave and Busters. Any and all ideas are open for afterwards, whether it be a...
  6. South East
    Anyone with a 4g eclipse in NC wanna meet up and check out eachothers rides, hit me up and let me know when.... Ive never went to a 4g meet and would like to and i wanna see what everyone is doing to their cars. If anyone wants to meet up let me know when and where (Preferably closer to...
  7. California
    Saturday April 6th, exact time and place TBD. The meet will be somewhere close to the I-15 freeway thinking around the Ontario Mills Mall. I live up in the Bay Area, but will be in town for that weekend, so lets try and get something going.
  8. National Events
    Visit Mitsus Take On The Dragon for this years info. MTOD and the Cruise to the Dragon 4G meet overlap so we can all enjoy the dragon together.
  9. Canada
    Have a week off with no plans other then maybe going to visit family in Ottawa and Laval. Anyone in those areas want to try and make a 4g meet?
  10. Website & Board Suggestions
    So i started thinking about this as a member, and realized all of these "newbs" who join don't have a personal "guide" who says welcome, here is a tutorial for using this site, which includes basic, intake, header, exhuast, lowering spring questions, and even as far as a, "here are the events...
  11. Mid-Atlantic
    I'm seeing alot of Florida and Arizona meets, anyone know of plans to for a 4G meet or something in Jersey?
  12. Great Lakes Region
    just looked at the calendar of event on import tuner magazine and this years early Import Face Off is on April 22nd! CLUB 4G MEET: Saturday April 21st. 3pm to 5pm at Polaris mall parking lot. then photo shoot and cruise over to dave and busters for dinner and virtual racing and kicking ass and...
  13. Meet Pictures
    Finally got the first miami meet together!! turned out pretty good!
  14. New Members Forum
    Anyone wanna take a run up to skyline drive at 9am tomorrow. some civics are doing a 4g meet and we can crash the party :ndance: ha ha but they got some good guys going that are inviiting us to hang out with them and have fun. if you have off tomorrow let me know if you wanna meet at skyline...
  15. South East
    Hey guys, thinking it was about time to have another 4g meet in Hampton Roads, especially now since the weather has gotten nicer. What do you say about meeting at Langley Speedway for a Wacky Wednesday? It's a time for everyone to bring their cars out and try them out around a NASCAR oval...
  16. South East
    I have yet to see a 4G meet come together as people plan. :facepalm: Soo now we are meeting in Columbia, SC at 1pm on March 26th at the Starbucks on Clemson Road right near "The Village @ Sandhills" Gonna grab some grub and cruise downtown might even end up at the river who knows.
  17. Texas
    {colsp=2}DEFINITE | Org / Club | Driving From...| Arrival Day | Contact Info jb4g |?| C4G | San Antonio || ALBOE |?| C4G | Houston || Executive |?| C4G | Houston || Asian Cracker || C4G | San Antonio| || Slippercream |+1| C3G / C4G | Dallas || mindlessanime |?| C3G / C4G | Austin ||...
  18. Texas
    Before we even plan anything I want to know when's a good time for everyone to come down. Once we get the month down, then we can get the exact dates.
1-20 of 39 Results