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  1. Problem Reports
    Hello, my 06 gs 2.4L will not properly go into 4th gear. All other gears work as they should. But when I shift into 4th gear and give acceleration the gear shifter slams into the neutral position... I’ve noticed that if I granny shift into 4th gear and hold the shift knob for about 3-4 seconds...
  2. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    To avoid getting grilled by admins and other senior members, I had rifled through every transmission swap thread and my question was never answered. All I want to know is, will the gs 5speed transmission be a compatible (aka straight forward) swap for the gs auto? I am just so damn sick of...
  3. New Members Forum
    Hello. I just bought and eclipse Gs 5speed. It's got 59000 miles. It has the club4g stickers on on so you guys may recognize it from the owner before the one I got it from. I look forward to getting advice and what not on here.
  4. New Members Forum
    Hey, my name is Jenna im new to the forum. Never actually been on a car forum before. I want to do some things to my new eclipse. Figured this would be a good way to get ideas. Im also having a few issues with it so im sure alot of you on here can help me out. :) My cars In 2012 I...
  5. New Members Forum
    Hey Everyone, I would like to say that i am a new member to the Club4g Community! I just picked up my 2006 5Speed Dark Blue Eclipse GS yesterday and completely love it. Im a 20 year old college kid, so i dont think ill be doing to much to the car! I also play Counter Strike Global Offensive...
  6. New Members Forum
    Hey guys. I just picked up a 2007 GT spyder for my wife. She absolutely loves it. I had a 95 Talon tsi awd 5speed for several years before getting rearended. It was totalled. Loved that car. I don't have a pic of the wifes new car yet. Its already giving me the ses light for the cats which is...
  7. Member's Rides
    Picked up a 2007 GS 5speed in LA with 56k on it a few months ago, enjoying driving a car with a little bit more pep it!. So far just a DC CAI, short shifter & bushings and a few other small things that make it more enjoyable for me (cig lighter in the arm rest, better stereo and speakers tint...
  8. Member's Rides
    2007 GS 5speed. Just a CAI and short shifter for now, waiting for 60K miles to do a timing belt, under drive pulley and headers!
  9. Member's Rides
    It's an 07 GS 5speed. CAI and short shifter for now, waiting for 60k miles to get the timing belt, underdrive pully and headers put on!
  10. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    well everyone. the 4g has been wrecked. due to the cost to fix it to original condition im going to fix it up as a project car. so i am selling parts off it to get money towards helping fix up the 4g and also go to the new ride. if there is something you need for your 4g post here or pm me what...
  11. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I need a tranny for my eclispe- its an 06 5speed gs 2.4. Anyone know of where i can get one? Ive been looking everywhere, found a few but they are very expensive.