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  1. Other cars
    Since i dont really care much for the other wrx sites to post up much (Just use them for info and used parts), guess I will post up what I have been doing with it so far. So first off here it is: and just because I like to shift knob haha
  2. Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    Sorry Kieth. Think of it as a tribute. Tho I know yours are wider. I just ordered a set of xxr 530's 18x8.75 20 offset. I'll be using up my current summer tires. 235/45. So it should be a barely noticeable amount of stretch? If I like how they look I may stick with that size tire for the next...
  3. Current Car Of The Month
    Modifications Engine: RRE Header, 2.25 catback exhaust, Fujita intake, RRE UDP, Thermal IM & TB spacers, Wiseco 9:1 compression pistons sitting on stock evo rods w/arp rod bolts, Exterior: OEM carbon fiber hood, E4E carbon fiber cover, carbon fiber hatch, projectors, plastidip black pillars...
  4. Eclipse Graveyard
    Well guys, the eclipse is out of commission for awhile. We arent sure what the extent of the damage is yet but know for sure one piston is fucked. Here is what happened. Yesterday evening i picked my friend up from work to take him home. I decided to use the nitrous so he could feel the 100shot...
  5. Motorsports (Racing)
    Saturday night all the ricers and ghetto ppl tend to meet in one place. Me and Ballfade and a few other guys normally head out there to observe the calamity of guys doing burnouts, hanging out their car, the Asian chick that kept smiling and waving at me, and ppl with swangas and pop trunk and...
  6. Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    ok since im definately keeping the eclipse thanks to dax and bj, i have decieded that i need to up the nitrous game on the car ( thanks to ballfade and chris05). but i also want to run the car at the strip when it warms up. since i have spare wheels i was wonder what you guys think about me...
  7. Vendor Deals
    ok guys p2r responded to me about making these bars for 95.00 with free shipping to the first 10 people that jump on these. right now they are offering us 3 main colors black, red and silver. i have informed them that we want more colors like blue, purple, gold ect. this is a pic of what they...
  8. Problem Reports
    Thought it was the brakes, because they did need to be changed. After I changed the brakes and drove a bit there was no noise. Then out of nowhere it came back. The video is the recording of the noise before the brakes were changed, the noise is not as loud now. Rotors maybe?
  9. Eclipse Graveyard
    only ballfade really knows since i told him...but i totaled my car about halfway through July. I was just driving from house-sitting for my uncle, on the way to my first meet with any of the eclipse guys. everything was perfect, clean car, nice music, sunny day. Anyway, I was driving about 45 in...
  10. Member's Rides
    Pictures from our last mini meet:
  11. Photoshop Requests/Tests
    if you have a buck or two and like what i do... DONATIONS thru PAYPAL---> [email protected] ... please include your c4g name so i can thank you these signatures are free and i do not expect donations, so don't let this stop you from requesting a signature post up if you want one...
  12. Member's Rides
    Another random houston meet! This time with a civic! Plenty of random pics so yea.... First will be Jason's car: Dayum car only has like 30k miles on it!
  13. Good Guys/Bad Guys
    Sorry for the super late and long overdue props to Vermega & Ballfade for being such awesome buyers. Received payments fast and was very open for communication. Don't hesitate to do business with them!
  14. Member's Rides
    blah blah blah pictures. Notice the hanging nitrous line (no pressure in the line) /facepalm I r need more zip ties lmao
  15. Texas
    As of right now, the list of people actually confirmed to attend the activities is kinda confusing so this is for everyone to just add your name to the list. Please keep conversation down to a minimum in order to provide an easier reading of the names. Roll Call: 1. Keith (Ballfade) 2. Alex...
1-17 of 35 Results