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  1. Tuning and Electronics
    So, as you may or may not know, Brian J developed a module several years back that allows people with automatics to use the steering wheel audio control buttons as "paddle shifters", in the sense that you would use the buttons to change gears, rather than the stock center console shifter. I...
  2. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I'm considering getting a fic as well as the Brian j harness . However I know the pricing has changed a lot over the last year. Have no idea what is a fair price to pay. Can you guys fill me in on what is expect to pay with or with out the gt harness? Thanks Sent from App
  3. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I have a AEM FIC with a brian J harness for sale. $300 plus shipping. Its missing a few pins that I wasn't able to save when being removed.(pictured) I'm sure these can be obtained from Brian J.
  4. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I got a couple of things for sale, i want to get rid of them so selling pretty cheap Now the OEM air intake for a GS everything included even bolts only thing it has one of the clips broken but nothing major it works great im selling this for 15$ plus shipping :ndance: Heres with the broken...
  5. Tuning and Electronics
    Yeah. Can't find one anywhere. I have a gt with Brian j harness. I need this as soon as possible please!!! Drag strip opens this Sunday and I want it installed before then. Also anyone rocking a cai, long tubes, cat deletes, please share your maps. I've seen the topics already but they are...
  6. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Im looking For a aem fic For eclipse gt with Brian j harness. Also looking For just The bj harness For The gt. Anyone have either?
  7. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    FOR SALE AEM FIC w/ Brian J Harness (GS) - ASKING $300 via PayPal (includes shipping) I'm at work now, but I have the cord and disk that came with it so obviously that is included! Now that I am running off the stock flashed ECU I no longer need this.
  8. Problem Reports
    So I have noticed at night I cannot see my brake lights very much when I step on them. They light up fine when the headlights turn on and the third brake lights works good too. You can see that they get faintly brighter but that is it. They are stock tail lights. The only electrical work done...
  9. Tuning and Electronics
    Alright I need some instructions on how to hook up the wiring harness to my 06 Gs for my aem fic, I purchased the wiring harness used and am pretty sure it's the Brian j harness so please can anyone help me out
  10. Tuning and Electronics
    FIC Results ok on the brian j harness how exactly do u wire the maf correctly ?? i have the wires intercepted fine but it is that single bypass connector plug thing that i dont get. when it is plugged in the car does not stay on. when it is not plugged in the car is fine. is that bypass always...
  11. Member's Rides
    Well it's been fun C4G but the GS is gone. I had a something come up and had to get rid of her. I still have some mods laying around the garage that I never installed, AEM FIC, Brian J's harness, OBX cam gear, etc... FS Thread comming soon. For the GS community, if you want a copy of the...
  12. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    like it says. Its just the fic no harness and I believe you will need the pigtail wires as well which brian j can get for you through AEM. I was 230 shipped.
  13. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I'm currently looking for these parts: Import Trenz R-Spec Hood Eclipse Rally Front Bumper (C/F or not) Proflow TB AEM Fic w/ Brian J HArness AEM Uego Ingall Stiffy Brembo Brake kit (complete) Posting it here to see if i can find some used parts, otherwise i'll just buy them new soon.
  14. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Up for sale is an aem fic without the harness but does have the instruction dvd and bypass plug. I messed up the harness but brian j can fix it. Everything with the messed up harness will go for 370 shipped and just the fic for 275 shipped. Dnt have the internet at home so i cant upload pics...
  15. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    AEM FIC w/ Brian J Harness for the GT $500 shipped
  16. Eclipse Performance
    I need your opinions guys because I think that the WHP are low. This results was with: RRE Headers Cat delete Tanabe axel back Thermo Block from Outlaw spacer NGK Iridium SPak Plugs TB bypass Fujita CAI AEM FIC with Brian J Harness tuned In PR The temperature in the dyno was like 90 degrees...
  17. Puerto Rico
    Aquí tengo los resultados de mi eclipse 4G de Ponce. Esto lo hice con aros 20, quizás con unos mas livianos subía un poco más, además que en el Dyno estaba haciendo calor lo cual no favorecía al motor. Lo que tiene puesto es: RRE Headers Pipa Tanabe Tercer cat eliminado Outlaw Spacers NGK...
  18. Tuning and Electronics
    Ok I installed the pnp harness and the aem ... I have the supercharger all in place.. So basicly everything is looking good I have been doin all the work myself so far at my dads shop.... The last thing I really need to know is what wires I run from the aem to the extra injectors to trigger them...
  19. Eclipse Performance
    Hi, I am new in the forum. My question is. You recommend a 3" cat-back? My car motor mods are: - Fujita intake - RRE Headers - ThermoBlok Outlaw Spacer Kits - AEM Fic W/Brian J Harnesses - NGK Spark - TB Bypass - Tanabe Medallion Concep g Exhaust