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  1. New Members Forum
    Hello there! I'm AJ, out of Maryland, US. Just joined the club with a 2009 Eclipse Spyder GS. I've always had a crush on the Eclipse since I was younger and Fast and the Furious came out. The body style was so sleek and smooth looking. I was elated to see that this 4G was the only car in my...
  2. New Members Forum
    Heya, New Member to the Forum, online people call me Noct. I'm fairly new to the car enthusiast scene as a whole. I actually bought my '06 Eclipse (Ellie) before I really got hooked on having a cool car and being interested in modding too much, but a friend took me to a car meet and we did some...
  3. California
    **All Mitsubishi Meet / Track Day** Hosted by Prestige Auto Customs & Slydeways Crew When: September 17, 2014 Where: Sonoma Raceway Time: 2pm-9pm If More Than 20+ Mitsubishi Cars Attends, We Will Have Access to the NASCAR Garage Where We Will Hold An Indoor Mitsubishi Meet. Drag Race &...
  4. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Car meets down in southern California! For any of you 4G owners out there looking to find a place to meet up. every Wednesday night in Vista, CA off of College at the far side of the Walmart parking lot from 8pm to roughly 10pm, we have car meets average amount of cars ranges from 50 to about...
  5. Great Lakes Region
    Theres a car meet at Discount Tire on Hall and Tilch if anyone is in the area. Starts at 7/7:30 and goes till whenever people leave.
  6. Car Care and Detailing (Shine)
    I was reading reviews on the Turtle Wax Black Box for those with black cars decided screw it and I bought it to get ready for the Toys for Tots car meet Sunday. So, after a wash it was time to do it, Wear Gloves its very messy it uses black pigmented wax after about 3-4 hrs of waxing my car...
  7. Northwest
    I'm in Washington state and im wondering about some car meets
  8. South East
    We meet every Saturday night at the Sonic in Beaufort SC at 8:30 PM. It's a mixed car meet but no other 4Gs show up besides me. Just posting this up for anyone who might show.
  9. Florida
    Free food and drinks, top 15 cars win a prize, rattling off new XXR rims, tires, HID's and other mods. Time of the meet is at 11am-4pm at Miami Best Wheels next to Tamiami airport 15420 sw 136 street 33196. Hope to see some of you there! :peace:
  10. Mid-Atlantic
    Whats going on everyone!? I have been talking to a few members about a car meet in Hershey PA in August. The basic plan is to have a meet on a saturday afternoon/ evening and then do the park all day sunday. I know of a few cool places to take pictures if you are interested. For those of you who...
  11. California
    We will have a Grand Opening Event on 6.16.2013 @ 13409 Garvey ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. It would be a great opportunity to visit the shop on that day and see what we have gotten. There will be some Super Cars show up as well so get your cameras ready. Everybody is free to come. We will...
  12. Great Lakes Region
    Check out this link for the meet about 15min south of Chicago
  13. Great Lakes Region
    We are have a car meet in Hammond Indiana May 18 the link is below. Everyone is welcomed it maybe far drive for some, but come on over for some fun. If anyone has any question i will be more then welcomed to answer them for you.
  14. Midwest
    We are have a car meet in Hammond Indiana May 18 the link is below. Everyone is welcomed it maybe far drive for some, but come on over for some fun. If anyone has any question i will be more then welcomed to answer them for you.
  15. Member's Videos
    Stretch Your Legs 10 - YouTube
  16. Member's Videos More to come throughout the season
  17. South East
    hey guys! so im sure you are already probably annoyed with the stuff im trying to get yall to do but here is another one for ya! Every Sat. in yorktown there is a car meet in yorktown with everything from viper trucks to crapy Hondas. i went with a 2g guy last night there are some guys that know...
  18. Canada
    rev scene is have a car meet march 24 from 11am-2pm the spot is stiil to be decided but im hoping we can get some 3g and 4g eclipses there once the spot gets anounced ill post it here Presents - Springmeet13 (03.24.2013) Sunday - Vancouver's Top Classifieds and Automotive Forum -...
  19. Great Lakes Region
    Check out my Facebook page S&A Productions (link below) to watch some Chicago meets from the past year. Contact me if you interested in going to some meets for the 2013 season i can send you some invites on Facebook. Thanks Steven S&A Productions | Facebook
1-19 of 71 Results