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  1. Florida
    Central Florida "Orlando Meet" Alright guys the details have been worked out and the dates have been set! The meet Will be on May 17th "friday" and will officially end on "Sunday" May 19th These dates have been chosen for best availability according to school "which ends early may" and for work...
  2. Great Lakes Region
    Does anybody have any interest in going to the 2013 Detroit Autorama on Saturday, March 9th? Here is the link to the show: Mar 8 – 10: Detroit, MI « Hot Rod Car Show, Custom Car Shows, Bobbers, Customs, Summit Show Car Series – Autorama / World of Wheels / Cavalcade of Customs We could get...
  3. Photography
    It's that time of year again folks, all around the country photographers will participate in the Scott Kelby Annual photo walk. A photo walk is a social event where you walk around with a herd of photographers taking pictures usually downtown or spots rich in subjects. There is no cost to...
  4. Southwest
    I'm looking meet fellow 4G's in Colorado. I live in Greeley and go racing downtown every Sunday night but would like to go for cruises. Is there anyone else in this area that wants to neet and cruise?
  5. Great Lakes Region
    Ok so there has been so many ideas of people having meets and our good friends to the south (IL) and to the west (MN) have extended a warm welcome to theirs but for many of us its quite a hike. I propose a meet in Milwaukee. Down by the kite shop along the lake, there is plenty of parking in...
  6. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    So took her out and got some sexy pics. There are a TON so please be patient. They are uploading now, and I haven't edited any of them. This weekend the wife and I are going to go out sat night and take her downtown to get some sexy city pics, the purge should be up and running by then too ;)
  7. National Events Its that time to start up the official thread for MTOD '12. The 3rd Annual Mitsubishi's Take On the Dragon Meet is fast approaching. Gameplan for the weekend will surround the trip to the Tail of The Dragon US HWY 129. For those who haven't heard about this road, it...
  8. Mid-Atlantic
    Is anybody near or around richmond? I currently live near downtown and shockoe bottom. I've only seen two 4G's around here; one silver and one white. Neither of them are modded. Where is everybody at?
  9. Member's Rides
    So my friend who knows all about taking pictures helped me out and took some really nice shots of my car here in downtown Tampa. Just wanted to share them with you guys! :bigthumb:
  10. Motorsports (Racing)
    This is NOT a race, more like another POS car who wanted a piece, and i refused to give it to him. so im on my way to school this fine summer morning, cruising along the beach line, bumpin music. a light comes up with a single lane and its red. so i stop and wait, mean while, this ford...
  11. Motorsports (Racing)
    Warning: No pictures or video are in this thread, just a wall of text. So the other night I was headed to downtown raleigh with a friend to hit up a rave, and I pull up to a stoplight on a pretty long straight stretch of road. As I'm sitting there an audi S4, older model like late 90s/early...
  12. Motorsports (Racing)
    This is why I don't talk shit... Leaving downtown Ft. Worth after a wedding and this TC starts pacing me. I'm like whatever cause I'm with my girl and there's no racing with my woman in the car. So, I get on 121 and hit cruise at 70... This TC pulls up next to me and starts doing these short...
  13. Eclipse Performance
    As some of you, know I bought a 2009 Eclipse Spyder GT a couple of weeks ago. My Fujita CAI arrived this last Friday and I installed it Saturday. BTW, while AutoCityImports states it fits 2006+ GT's and while technically true, I did find one slight issue. On the 2006 GT I had prior, the...
  14. National Events
    Started by Special_K, but not sure why it isn't posted here yet... If you need the list edited, just post up and we will get you up there.
  15. The Lounge
    Who is it man i just walked passed you, nice car btw!! If you see this reply dude we need to get a meet going.
  16. Great Lakes Region
    What a better way to kick off Spring!? :woot: The new Fast and Furious movie is hitting theaters on April 29th, so I figured it was time for another TF&TF Dinner and a Movie Meet. Where - Detroit / Royal Oak / Berkely, MI Area Meeting - Ron's (Duhh001) House We are going to prob all be...
  17. Great Lakes Region
    Hey anybody on here from good ol wisconsin haha, i go to uw - waukesha and im interested to know if this one dude with a orange se edition eclipse is on these forums. Anyways if you are from wisconsin where at was wanting to try to get some meet going around summer time probably downtown...
  18. South East
    I have yet to see a 4G meet come together as people plan. :facepalm: Soo now we are meeting in Columbia, SC at 1pm on March 26th at the Starbucks on Clemson Road right near "The Village @ Sandhills" Gonna grab some grub and cruise downtown might even end up at the river who knows.
1-20 of 42 Results