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  1. Maintenance
    Didn't see a step by step so I thought I'd help out. I did not disconnect exhaust. But you may have to depending on your setup. Step 1 is get a jack with a piece of wood on it and support the transmission. Step 2 is remove the rear two bolts on the centermember. Step 3 is remove the...
  2. Problem Reports
    I mistakenly posted this in the wrong forum so I'm posting it here now. I have an '06 GS with manual tranny and a short time ago, I started hearing a humming/grinding noise. It sounded and acted just like a wheel bearing. After doing the swerving test and jacking it up with both front wheels off...
  3. New Members Forum
    What's up everyone, I'm a 2007 Red GT V6 Eclipse owner from eastern Pennsylvania. I have a lot of slight work done to my car, such as suspension, intake and various exterior modifications. The car sits lowered on 19" Advanti racing rims. Im currently in the process of replacing the exhaust...
  4. New England Mitsubishi Owner Day! I know Camden NJ is a little bit of a drive for you guys but there are already 600 cars coming, it would be cool to get a large 4g crew!
  5. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    FS: 2008 Spyder Eclipse GT (East TX) ( UPDATED 8/26/15) 100xxx miles at the moment. Bought the car in 2010 with 69k on it from a traveling salesmen so only 31kish put on it in the past 5 years. Well maintained and not driven hard at all. Sunset Pearlescent exterior with Terra Cotta/Charcoal...
  6. The Lounge
    The Perseids Meteorite Shower is one of the best showers I look forward to every year, it normally produces the best show with hundreds of particles entering the atmosphere every hour. The peak for this show will be the night of 12 August, and the morning of 13 August, peaking around 01:00 AM...
  7. Mid-Atlantic
    East Coast Mitsubishi Owner Day is coming up on October 3. Anyone going??
  8. Computers and Gaming
    anyone play? I am on east US. name: Povovk!/5428285306555271201
  9. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    2007 eclipse GS manual Selling Eclipse gs 116k miles on it has new stage 2 exedy clutch changed at 110k new timing belt at 105k new tires more then 80%tred transmission was rebuilt at 110k oil changed every 3k miles mobile 1 full synthetic perfectly working cleaned and well maintained text...
  10. South East
    Anybody interested in meeting up to cruise to East Coast Mod?
  11. Mid-Atlantic
    Anybody interested in meeting up and cruising up to East Coast MOD?
  12. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    CD Player Cruise Control Leather Seats Power Mirrors Rear Window Defroster Tilt/Telescope Steering Wheel Has Fosgate-Rockford audio system with 10 inch Woofer and 8 additional speakers. I do not know anything about audio, so Best Buy Geek Car Audio tech, Andy, was very helpful. All the manuals...
  13. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Here you go guys. I finally took the plunge into seriously functional mods, and this is probably the best one yet. It is a 180w, 32", Cree LED spot/flood combo light bar. It's rated at 15,000 lumens, and it will blind the shit out of you. It's just ridiculous. But it was a very necessary mod...
  14. New Members Forum
    My name is Chad. I'm 38 years old from Missouri, 40 miles east of Kansas City. I just bought a 2006 eclipse gt with 53000 miles an it. I'm very excited to be a part of this group.
  15. Great Lakes Region
    Hey guys I have been trying to plan a meet up for months now and I am finally able to set one up! On JUNE 29TH I am going to plan to have a quick meet up somewhere close to the Downers Grove area for everyone close to there or just north or east of there in general. Then cruise on down caravan...
1-15 of 164 Results