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  1. The Lounge
    Does anyone have any eclipse GT's recorded in 1080p, drag or circuit that race higher end sports cars. I'd like to see eclipses (can be built,turbo,super, n20 or stock) take on cars like 08-13 Evo X GSR (stock or modified) 08-13 Nissan GT-R (stock or modifed) Nissan 370Z's (def nismo ones)...
  2. Member's Videos
    Just a few fun runs, racing the gf's bone stock gt, against my 06 grand prix with shift kit, pcm tune, and intake.. stock pulley, exhaust, and 110 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT vs 2006 Supercharged Grand Prix - YouTube 2007 Eclipse GT vs 2006 Supercharged Grand prix - YouTube 4G Eclipse vs 2006...
  3. Motorsports (Racing)
    On my way into burlington and was following my friends and my buddy (with the prelude) pulls up to the stop light, so i get in the lane beside him and roll my window down and look over toward him, hes ready and im ready. we wait for the green and when the light turns green my traction control...
  4. Motorsports (Racing)
    Buddy from work was talking crap so I said lets do this. I raced him Twice. First Video is him want to do it from a dig to 80. Ok lets do this. Second run was supposed to be a roll from 20, but he jumped before I could even line up. O well.
  5. Motorsports (Racing)
    Local meet last night, got asked to race by a 2010 acura tsx v6. 40mph roll, video doesn't show first beep, only 2. ] Also, raced a Rx8 and beat it by a car, almost 2.
  6. Motorsports (Racing)
    So I was coming home from work today, on the highway, when a Hyundai genesis 2.0t flew past me pretty quick. I normally do 120 on the highway (kms not miles) and I could tell that he was going around 150. So I floored it and passed him, then slowed down to his speed and he immediately floored...
  7. Motorsports (Racing)
    well i was on my was home from getting food last night and right in town theres a nice big strip where not too many cops sit. so i pulled up to the lights beside this sonata. not thinking anything of it we both went on green . i had him in first so i shifted early. well that was a bad idea his...
  8. Motorsports (Racing)
    A bud of mine just recently purchased a Tuburon and thought he could take me in a race. I said, yeah....okay -_- It has the GT package or something? Had SE badging, but had slotted and drilled front rotors and Hyundai calipers in the front, regular caklipers in the back with rotors that were...
  9. Motorsports (Racing)
    so guys will my eclipse kill the mazdaspeed6 or will the gt become prey? this would be from a 20 roll and a 40 roll. I know he has CAI, short shifter, exhaust, computer or racing chip (he wasn't clear on that last one, stuttering and all.)
  10. Motorsports (Racing)
    Cars: 2006 Eclipse GT vs. Newer style Nissan Altima 2.5L SL Story: I get off work at 7:30 am and as I'm headed home I notice this Altima whipping in and out of traffic. Mind you its early in the morning and I just got done working a 12 hour shift, this potential race doesn't even phase me...
  11. Motorsports (Racing)
    So I know this guy who says his 1.8L turbocharged Jetta would rape my eclipse. I was wondering if anybody has raced one of these because I feel that I would decimate it. I have an 07 eclipse GT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I was doing some research on google and ran across a discussion about our threadcolba,"Eclipse gt vs Cobalt ss", 4G Eclipse GT vs Cobalt SS/SC - Page 6 - Cobalt SS Network bunch of dicks
  13. Motorsports (Racing)
    Me&my buddy doing a fun run..people were making bets so thats why everyones in excitement lolol.. Mazda3 2.5, exhaust.
  14. Motorsports (Racing)
    Race from last nights meet..
  15. Motorsports (Racing)
    So as you can see by the title this was no "Kill" :noplease: But a fun race it was. So I go to Super Walmart around 1AM there arent any cars on the road so didn't have a race in mind. Go into Walmart with my friend to get his laptop and HDMI cord. As we leave and enter the parking lot we're...
  16. Motorsports (Racing)
    My first race was on the like the 2nd day i bought my car,it was against the same Eclipse as me,same engine,color etc,random as hell lol. He led me to some random street,out of the city(maybe like a quarter mile+) and then we both stopped,gave each other the thumbs up and waited for the 3 honks...
1-19 of 67 Results