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  1. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Hello all, was part of the club 3g forum for about 8 years and just recently upgraded to a 2011 gt 3.8L with all the prem add on's (Rockford, Leather heated seats, HIDs, back wiper, etc) My problem is the headlights are fogged and had this issue on my old 3g eclipse so i just replaced the...
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Ran inyo a random photo op this motnifn on the way home from work. 23°F black ice every where and foggy ass hell. Was stopped in a clear spot. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  3. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I want a Pro Flow throttle body for the GT, new, used, I don't care as long as it works correctly. I also would really like the Outlaw thermoblock spacers. I would pay what they cost new even for a used set it good condition, with the extended bolts, or without.
  4. Part Reviews/Opinions
    hey guys whats up? im wondering if anyone knows of good places to buy cheap and quality headlights? im looking for both or just the right one too
  5. Driveline
    Hey, my name is logan i drive a 2006 eclipse GS that is completely stock. im running about 113000 miles on it so its been around and i know things are going to start coming apart. so today i hit 6k rpm in first (trying to not get hit by this old woman) and felt and heard something come loose...
  6. Car Care and Detailing (Shine)
    Hey Guys Im pretty new to the forums and a pretty new eclipse owner i was wondering what would be the best method for fixing the oxidation on the inside of the headlights, i had them buffed but they are still foggy in certain areas. Any tips?
  7. Show Tech
    Here's my most recent retrofit I've done for myself I'll go through in detail how anyone can do this and where to find the parts so on... 1. Removed the headlights and the 4 screws that hold the lense in place... 2. Then this is the crappy part some people use a oven set to 200 degrees but...
  8. Problem Reports
    Ok so I tried searching these things and didn't really have good luck, so here goes: I got my 06 GS from carmax last month, and I've noticed a few things....First the Headlights fill with moisture and look foggy the passenger side more then the Driver is this normal? The guy at carmax said...
  9. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    recently I installed black projector headlights on my GS, every went good and they looked great. Took it to a car wash, no moisture problems, washed it a couple times by hand and still no moisture problems... The past 2 days is been a steady light rain and i have moisture all over both...
  10. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    PRICE IS $150 shipped, brand new! Never Installed Straight From Autocity Imports... My Loss, Your Gain. This set of 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse Halo Projector Headlights will give your car a custom look that will stand out from the rest. No more out of date foggy yellow housed headlights, your...
  11. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    So being that all the 4gers in SA are blacked out i figured why not join the party :bigthumb: I wanted something that was removable if need and was too expensive... so i found the Laminex layovers that sells and picked up the Smoked layover for the tails, headlights and fog...
  12. Car Care and Detailing (Shine)
    i have a 2007 gt and i was wondering if anybody has foggy lights like mine and if so what do u use to get rid of it?? Goin to a big car show in march and i want it gone!!:facepalm:
  13. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Anybody else gettin condensation in there spoiler.have never took it off and it's gettin foggy with little water droplets inside it Wtf. Luv my car but to many exterior defects.
  14. Problem Reports
    I got out of my car today to pick up a friend, and I noticed the taillights were both fogged up. It wasn't a tiny bit of water leaked, but it was to the point where at first I thought my LED's were dimmer, then realized it was fogged. The worst part about it is their not evenly fogged either...
1-14 of 17 Results