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  1. Audio & Lighting
    What's up guys? I recently bought these LED bulbs for my fog lights and they didn't work. These were supposed to be "plug and play" bulbs and the listing stated that they're compatible with my '10 Eclipse. I even verified the bulb size and wattage against info I found on this forum!!! My...
  2. Audio & Lighting
    So I was looking around on rockauto, and I found basically all the parts that are in a OEM foglight kit, sans screws, for about $100 shipped. If I'm not mistaken, the kit has the fog assemblies, bezel, relay and connector as well as the screws for it all, but for about $180. I should be able...
  3. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey guys, trying to decide on which taillight to get: Spec D: Pros: -Cheaper than Depo by $30 -Looks flashy and futuristic Cons: -Fogs up over time? -Brake lights reported to stop working after a few years -Requires resistors Depo: Pros: -OEM Style -Matches my front Depo Headlights...
  4. Audio & Lighting
    I have some afternarket fogs that id like to split into coming on with low beams and off with high but if i can only connect to both low and high thats fine too. I have a kit for the fogs but didnt want another switch would rather them be all time running like my lows. I have only installed the...
  5. Member's Rides
    I have a 2008 Eclipse GT auto. The racing flag was airbrushed on by the previous owner. As far as mods, I am lowered on Tein S-techs, N1 header back exhaust, Eyelids, 8k Hids in headlights, 5k hids in fogs with yellow tint, Tanabe strut tower bar, a roll cage (i still have to bolt it in), and...
  6. Problem Reports
    So after i washed my car i washed my engine bay with water hose( not pressurized, just a garden hose) then after a while i got back started the car fine but the headlights didnt turn on then turned on my foglights it did turn on but after 3 seconds the passenger fogs turned off. Now im only left...
  7. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Fangs, Eyelids, Wrap, Bushings, Fogs All brand new, never mounted, never used. All prices included shipping inside the 48 lower states. OEM fog light assemblies with lamps, pair $65 shipped Aero Fangs from AutoCity Imports, pair $125 shipped Rally Art style eye lids from ACI, pair $50...
  8. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to see if anyone has any for sale. I cut mine for the auto city fogs but got rid of them and in need of new ones. well used... obviously. lol lemme know what ya got!
  9. Audio & Lighting
    Ok trying to install fog lights HID.. i have the universal fog light kit didn't bother with the harness cuz it seem like i can just directly power the HID from DDM Tuning.. i have an hid on my headlight i tap there and when i switch on my headlight they stop and didn't work and found out i blew...
  10. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Please friends, anyone can tell me if the oem genuine taillight, headlight, fogs and break Light of mitsubishi eclipse gt 4g 2007 is made by valeo sylvania? Very thanks
  11. Audio & Lighting
    Site doesn't say bulb size of this aftermarket.. i know the OEM fogs has h11.. I'm planning of getting HID lights that's why :) i have projectors that accept i go with h1 for fogs i don't even know if they fit Let...
  12. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Does anybody know the part number for the fog light housing or have one I could buy? The black housing surrounding the light in the attached picture... I need one because I took off my fogs to tint them and discovered the passengers side housing is destroyed. I would need one with the...
  13. Audio & Lighting
    Has anyone try'd or managed to install after market fog lights using the factory switch ? Sent from App
  14. Audio & Lighting
    Does anyone know the size of the fogs for the 09+ fogs? Or any aftermarket that'll fit without modification to the fog housing? Thanks guys
  15. Audio & Lighting
    Does anybody know where I can find red halo projector headlights and fogs not the actual lights being red but the rings red and also can I have a kill switch for them don't want any tickets
  16. Audio & Lighting
    Will the fogs on autocity imports fit fine in the 09 fog housing or is modification needed? Thanks
  17. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Title says it all, tired of using crappy fog lights. Let me know if you'd sell! Will pay same day! Thanks friends.
  18. New Members Forum
    Hey Everyone I am new to the forms! I am from MN and recently have been modding out my car. I bought some RS Type Halo Projector fogs off E-bay and I just don't know how to get them to work, I put them to power and they aren't broken or anything.. I don't know where it connect to the fuse box...
  19. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I got a couple of things for sale, i want to get rid of them so selling pretty cheap Now the OEM air intake for a GS everything included even bolts only thing it has one of the clips broken but nothing major it works great im selling this for 15$ plus shipping :ndance: Heres with the broken...
  20. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hi Guys, here are the following items I am hoping to sell at hopefully reasonable prices. (all are without shipping) Feel free to PM with best offers. A stock sunset pearlescent bumper with some underside scratches $200 Stock GS headers and all associated parts, with an 02 sensor I couldnt get...
1-20 of 36 Results