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  1. GT
    I need your help with my ripp.sds install. Does anyone know how to.get ahold of him if he doesnt reply?twilson i could use your help on the install too i need to know if i can use my aem.adjustable fpr if so where and install. Im sorry.if this post pisses anyone off but ive searched...
  2. Other cars
    Chevy Cavalier Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator - YouTube Came in today for a no start, great way to hydrolock!
  3. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi guys, I have a few lines in my interior i will like to know where can i get a colour match fpr eclipse 08 interior ? i got from the car door itis 98H but i google i cannot find any thing for that colour code. i just hope it can cover the lines make by the buckle...
  4. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys I have a few parts ive had for a while lookin to clear up some floor space! These prices aren't firm but please be reasonable I never installed any of it so it's all brand new I'd like to get close to what I paid! All prices are not shipped.. Shipping will be paid by the buyer! If you...
  5. Motorsports (Racing)
    Went to the Carclub last night and had a few decent races, theis camero was rolling out with myself and EclipseFL07. Any was after racing this kid I gotta say that the last "LS1 Transam" i raced was either in major need of repair or was actually an LT1 and the driver was just an idiot. Anyway...
  6. GS
    Hello, I'm going to turbo my eclipse soon... I got some questions, someone maybe hear can help me out? 1)stock injector are 305cc?? 2)Evo 9 fuel pump will just bolt up? 3)550cc Lucas DSM injector will bolt to the stock fuel rail? 4)Is there a built-in FPR by the pump? 5)If I go with 550cc and...
  7. fpr

    4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    anyone ever trying installing an adjustable fuel pressure regulator going to the fuel rail? just curious if it was possible on our cars and if so has anyone tried it? or do we not have a normal fuel pressure regulator inline or on our fuel rails that controls the fuel pressure or is it built...
1-7 of 7 Results