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  1. Computers and Gaming
    What's the problem ?? In COD modern warfare when I'm going to join an online game that can't connect to the servers I have this error code 65536 what is happening with the game? Found an article on this hope will work- [FIX] Error Code 65536 in COD Modern Warfare -
  2. New Members Forum
    Howdy guys! I'm new to the forum and to 4g's. Excited about both. Just got my first=06 Eclipse GT!!
  3. New Members Forum
    I bought a 2007 Spyder GT Convertible with 76,000 km this past December. I am new to the car mod game but thought I would try it in my retirement. I saw the car in business acquaintance garage and had to buy it. I have my garage ready to go after a few trips to Harbor Freight. The car is still...
  4. Computers and Gaming
    On Humble Bundle you can get a free Steam key for the game. Honestly I can't say I even know what the game is, but it was brought to my attention, and I know we have a decent number of gamers around. The price was right, so enjoy!
  5. Computers and Gaming
    4th Marine Division 23rd Marine Regiment [Openly Recruiting] I am Col. K.Eastlick with the 4th Marine Division 23rd Marine Regiment, We're one of Arma 3's newest units. Just starting We're in need of People. What We Are ~~~~~~~~~~~ We are an Infantry Unit for Arma 3, Using a Few Simple...
  6. New Members Forum
    I will be adding mods to my engine, but I don't know if I should add a cat back exhaust system as well, or just swap out the muffler. I'm new to this car game, sorry guys. Any feedback will help me out.
  7. Eclipse Graveyard
    So last week my Galant was side swiped by a suburban. I was in the turning lane and the other vehicle put her side door right into my passenger side fender. It looked like just the fender and bumper cover were damaged, but apparently there was frame damage. The worst part is that after I pulled...
  8. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    i posted a form yesterday but couldnt find it today, i saw their is a section on here just for the gs models, im new to the car game, i used to ride motorcycles but my shifter fork broke! was just wonder what company, has the best kits for lowing, also looking to purchase a nice exhaust system...
  9. Eclipse Performance
    New to the car game, an this form/page! was just thinking about lowing my car(not stupid low,just enough to clear that wheel rear and front wheel gap), putting in an intake, along with an exhaust system??:confused::)
  10. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Just ordered an SP1870 for my Eclipse. Injen said that shortram was for automatics and the full CAI system is for manuals, so that's what I ordered. But I was reading on this thread right here where the guy showed that his game with black rubber/plastic tubing, but the one I ordered seems to be...
  11. New Members Forum
    Just acquired a 2007 GT V6 Coupe Auto in Silver with 60k miles and already can't live with the arbitrary fender gap. I would like to lower it and fill the wheel wells first and not sure if I should just go with tirerack. I really like to buy stuff used and would like to get the best set up and...
  12. The Lounge
    Good afternoon people, Having a spouse and a child made me realize that I have not accomplished many things in life to feel proud of, and I decided it was time to step my game up, and serve my country by joining the US NAVY. I will be sent to boot camp on February 11th, and will then be...
  13. Problem Reports
    I have a 2007 eclipse game 2.4 The engine will turn and turn but will not fire. I replaced cam sensor crank sensor and fuel pump. My alarm was set off accidently I could not get the key to stop it till I broke apart the plastic and pushed panic button from inside. That was the last time the...
  14. Computers and Gaming
    Just curious if anyone has designed, built, coded or created a game. I've been looking into it for quite some time and have some cool ideas I'd like to share.
  15. The Lounge
    Yo! Who else is stoked for destiny! Or any other game that's coming out?! What game and why! Destiny is gonna be legit... A halo and borderlands mix <33 I play steam too - if you got that hmu! I'm currently into The forest. That game is stupid scary ahahaha. As you add your tags, I will keep...
  16. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I was playing a little PS3 and remembered about an old game i used to play. Need For Speed Carbon. I put the game on to realize the last time i played I had a 2006 Eclipse GT with a body kit on it. Well after playing around with it I noticed I can maybe use it to modify the body kit to current...
1-17 of 310 Results