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    KLAT 7 turns any system stock or aftermarket into bluetooth hands free with noise canceling mics 125 shipped Atom HD better than the go pro and cheaper 225 shipped SOL republic DECK 175 shipped everything is marked down 25 bucks for yall and shipping is on my end! all the items are new...
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    Messing around with my hero 2!
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    planning on getting a go pro....seeing if anyone has one FS here first. hmu.
  4. South East
    hey guys if youre looking at getting a go pro camera and are planning on coming to the meet let me know im selling them for cheap its the Hero 3 for 269.99 for the camera and a pack of the mounts for 17.99 pm me if you're interested let me know so i have enough at the meet. if youre not coming...
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    Tortilla Flats Cruise w/videos Tortilla Fats-presumed to be Arizona's smallest official "community" having a U.S. Post Office and voter's precinct. The town has a population of 6. Tortilla Flat can be reached by vehicles on State Route 88-It is a 10 mile 2 lane windy road with cliffs all the...
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    or anyone know where to get one for around this price. I've been wanting one but 200 is still kinda high on amazon/bestbuy etc. maybe black friday 2012?
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    ive been out for 5 days cuz i was told my house sold i have 5 days to move!shitty im tired as hell today!but i moved back into city(mesa az) so much fun out here so i was moving my car to my new home and got in a a few races but the 1rst race was the best racing i have done in along time! I was...
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    so after watching fast 5 the other night i raced a new mustang and smoked it then a nice looken gto who burned out in 3 gears and took off a second before me i smoked him to then last night this infinity all fixed up was trying to play he yet again got a head start but i still blew past him and...