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  1. National Events
    Anyone attending this? It's this weekend and I haven't seen anything about it on here outside the Great Lakes forum!
  2. Great Lakes Region
    MITSUBISHI OWNER'S EVENT 2013 September 21, 2013 MOD 2013 Saturday, September 21, 2013 Gates open at 9AM — 1:00PM Mitsubishi Factory Illinois 100 N. Mitsubishi Motorway Normal, Illinois 61761
  3. Great Lakes Region
    If you are in the Great lakes region please take a minute to like this page on facebook! You can see Mitsubishis in your area as well as keep up on what events we are hitting and ask questions! Team Mitsu GLR | Facebook
  4. Midwest
    Come one, come all, to the state with the most lakes! but not under one of the states in the great lakes....anyway join up for updates and if you haven't yet join the (4G of the Twin Cities) club too
  5. Great Lakes Region
    (4G of the Twin Cities) If you haven't yet joined the (4G of the Twin Cities) club get to it...and if an administrator comes across this thread go ahead and delete it...peace!
  6. Great Lakes Region
    Union Grove, Wisconsin $20 to race 5pm-10pm Wednesday 8/19/09 I am going for sure... Anyone else want to go???
  7. Great Lakes Region
    Here is my contribution to the club, I am offering you these great T-Shirts and Decals at a special price. Here is the design... DECALS This Group buy will be the same as before with a fixed price of $7.00 per Decal and you are able to change the lettering what is under the large...
1-7 of 8 Results