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  1. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Guys, anyone ever remove the carpet on their Eclipse? Underneath they have these grey streaks on the chassis that are pretty hard to remove. Has anyone ever attempted to take these off? Is this some sort of sound deadening material? If so, will dry ice remove it? Thanks.
  2. Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    Looking to pick up my first set of rims. I don't know much about this whole wheels/tires/suspension thing (or modifying vehicles in any way) but I have managed to figure out stuff so far... I finally found a set of rims that interest me but I can't seem to find reviews on them ANYWHERE...
  3. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Looking. I’m in Alabama Mostly just need a non-torn upper cover or whole seat back.
  4. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Whats up fam, I'm trying to decide which fenders to get, has anyone had any experience with any of these, help a brotha out! The grey ones are about 100 $$ less.
  5. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    New member, first post actually. So glad to find this site. I just bought my wife a 2006 Mitsubisi Eclipse GT, Ultra Pearl Red, Grey Leather Seats, every single option. Car has 120k miles, and was a one owner, dealer repairs only car. It runs and drives perfect, and my wife is in love with...
  6. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Hey I noticed that some people have Black valve covers and I really like how they look compared to the grey one that I have. Do the older models come in black? Or did y'all paint them? Should I paint mine??? Also I am noticing that some of y'all have colored caps for coolant, PS, fusebox, etc...
  7. Problem Reports
    I looked, but didn't see this issue covered in prior posts. Sorry if I missed one. Last week, I went to get in the car and discovered the power driver's seat was stuck/binding along the right (console) side track. The seat motor turned, but could not advance or retract the seat on the right...
    Hi everyone, today we would like to share with you a couple of the new sport seat models by Cipher. There are 4 new models, which are available in various colors: Black, Grey, Tan, White and Red to match the interior of your car in the best way possible. Cipher racing seats can be used...
  9. New Members Forum
    Hey everyone, I joined a few months ago and this forum has been the BIGGEST help for me deciding what to do with my car. My name is Austin and I got my 4g as a graduation present right at the end of my senior year which was almost 2 years ago now. Life is beginning to pick up a little and I...
  10. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I have a 2008 GS eclipse and I don't want to lower it for the sake of my suspension haha... so Im thinking of getting a skirt. I went online and they're all so expensive so Im wondering if theres anyone on here selling parts. I am also in the market for a carbon fiber hood. Thanks!
  11. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    So from what my research tells me, the GT and GS share the same ECU which means i can get the fog lights and TCL. So since the fog lights are prewired and TCL is as well, i opened the box above the fuse box to find the wiring harnesses both there. 1 grey, 1 white. well my dumb-self unplugged...
  12. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Which pillar pod do you all prefer? I think i like the black one more, but wont it look funky in the car when the other side is grey?
  13. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I removed and prepped one of the fog light bezels, painted it with DupliColor chrome, it looked great. Let it dry for 2 days, but had some chrome coming off on my fingers so I then top coated with high gloss Engine enamel that made it look like primed grey immediately upon contact. It does look...
  14. Audio & Lighting
    My girlfriend's 2007 Eclipse GS has the dreaded headlight hazing problem.:sad: I am using a restoring kit, but that only goes so far and will not last forever in the desert SW. Replacements of some kind will be necessary sometime in the next year or so. My problem is that her headlights are...
  15. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    First off, this so far has been a very informative site, thank you for allowing me to join. Also I know how annoying it is for new guys to come in and start asking questions that has been discussed dozens of times without searching the past forums. With that being said, I can't get the search...
1-15 of 53 Results