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  1. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Like every other Ralliart or GS owner I am chasing a throttlebody from a 6G75... down side is I need someone willing to ship to australia :biggrin: looking at spending $100AUD on the part and $40AUD in postage. Anyone interested in helping a sister from downunder. more than happy to pay...
  2. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Looking to start upgrading my 06 GS and a GT throttle body is close to the top of the list as a minor improvement! Even if you just know of a place I can find one in great or good condition and have it shipped to 56081, it would be much appreciated! Nichole
  3. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    And also the GT Throttlebody Spacer. Please pm if you can help me out Willing to pay 100 for the pair plus shipping
  4. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    selling my GT throttlebody and Valentine V1 radar thats only a few months old and the firmware is up to date on it also. Asking $150 shipped for throttlebody and $350 shipped for the Radar. you can text me or email me also. 941-650-6251 or [email protected]
  5. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    FS.throttlebody and spacer,flywheel,rre . . GT throttlebody and helix spacer 180 shipped. . Fidanza 9# flywheel needs new plate, 100 shipped...
  6. The Lounge
    Im going to be going to the junkyard tomorrow to try and get some parts off of my car. For those who dont know I totaled it. What tools will I need to get the GT TB off? And can someone send me a picture of it so I know exactly what to look for? I dont know how much time they will let me have...
  7. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    FS \ WTT: Rear Leather seats doing a rear seat delete so i have these up for sale. $50.00 plus shipping...this is dirt cheap someone just take them i need extra cash for mods. they are in perfect condition and no rips.. i will also trade these for a gt throttlebody or tanabe strut tower bar
  8. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    im buying the gt throttlebody and have decided to get the spacer also rather than grinding the shit out of it to fit. i have already read through all 11 pages of the swap thread but didnt really see my answer. with the gt throttle body on my gs, do i want a spacer for a gt or for a gs? ill be...
  9. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    after weeks of searching and searching every salvage yard around me and coming up short i have decided to post here. anyone have one? anyone!?!?!
1-9 of 9 Results