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  1. Motorsports (Racing)
    Racing my cousins GSR...has intake&High compression pistons. Thing kept up with me entire 2nd gear lol Cam car is a Ek hatch with a type r motor swap.
  2. Motorsports (Racing)
    i was at the intersection waiting for a green... saw a 4g fly past in the direction i was going (he was clearly speeding) as soon as i got the green i flew to catch up. i saw him make a right at the next light (also in the direction i was headed)... caught up to him and got on his ass to check...
  3. Motorsports (Racing)
    was going headed to work in ontario, cali was cruising at 80mph and this stang squares me up he didnt honk or anything but he downshifted and took off i was like w/e so he slows down and he squares up again so i decided aight lets do this no honk, he took off so i take off too was hitting around...
1-3 of 3 Results