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  1. Tuning and Electronics
    Double posted Sorry
  2. Tuning and Electronics
    I adjust my fuel injector size down to get closer to zero on my ltft at cruise which was +5.7 and is now +1.2 after I adjusted.. Now I am trying to increase my Idle ltft from -9.8 to 0. I read in the merlins tuning guide to decrease fuel latency but it is not doing anything. Is there some other...
  3. Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    I just finished up a quick guide on upgrading brakes to Evo 8/9 rotors and calipers, as well as some quick info on choosing pads/rotors Here ya go As usual, it's on my other forum because Autoguide owns this one, and doesn't let me...
  4. Spyder Specific
    Here you go guys, as shared with me by RyGuy, I take no credit for finding this Original: And here are the 8 pages of this guide as images I've also saved the PDF at the bottom. This...
  5. Maintenance
    Hello everyone! Here is the video on how to remove the manual transmission of the 6Spd Eclipse GT. I made a guide also (In the description of the video) and I also linked the manuals I used to help me remove the damn thing. :hahano: Show some love and support by liking, commenting...
  6. Performance
    I just wrote up a guide on my other website. Here's the link How to: 4G63 manifold | 4G World I plan on putting lots of guides up there on stuff that people say are impossible here. Have fun, happy modding.
  7. New Members Forum
    What's going on my fellow Eclipse homies? Just bought a fully loaded 2010 Mits Eclipse GS Sport (Sunset Pearl) a couple weeks back.... and then I came across this AMAZING forum. Seriously, I spent all day reading through your guys' mods/tips. Check out my little baby below and let me know what...
  8. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Just figured I'd put this out there in case anyone experiences soft brake pedal. The Guide pins are often over looked. Case in point, twice by me, twice by the dealership. Finally smacked myself in the head and took the rear pins out to find out they were dry as a bone. (changed all 4 rotors and...
  9. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    For sale - slightly used K&N Typhoon intake kit from ACI. Finish is in pristine condition. Direct bolt on All hardware is included. Original installation manual, owner guide and un opened/unused CARB sticker all included :fever:- in original packaging. Doesn't get closer to new than this. I can...
  10. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    So I'm getting all of these codes and I can't find a permanent fix on the threads seems like they always come back. The car has no issue in driving whatsoever but I really would like to get to the bottom of all this if anyone can help guide me in the right direction. Thank you. Sent from my...
  11. Audio & Lighting
    I just bought a 2012 GS today. I want to switch all lights inside and outside to LEDs. Can anyone tell me what they all take and how many I would need? Including the HVAC, gauges and shifter. I keep seeing different answers on different sites. Thanks!
1-11 of 32 Results