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  1. Tuning and Electronics
    I have written some software that just does some datalogging. I'm just wondering if there is anyone with a Tactrix 2.0 cable and a 6G75 powered car who would be willing to test some software for me. This would require probably 10-15 minutes of your time, a windows laptop, the tactrix 2.0 cable...
  2. Member's Videos
    Checkout my thread in the gs section for more info on the reflash . No bashing please if you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself. Thanks
  3. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Things I got done are raised idle to 1000rpms, 2step set to 3500rpms, speed limiters removed, rev set to 7200rpms, all tuned to 93 octane. Yea it's here, installed, and ran. It's great I have not one complaint. The idle is perfect at 1000 , it's sooo much more smooth at idle and in acceleration...
  4. Puerto Rico
    mi gente hackish viene pa puerto rico atraves de m.mtunningcentral busquien esa pagina en google y comuniquensen con el estan buscando gente q se una pa q venga en feb cual quier cosa ecribanle a hackish.qualquier cosa me dejan un mensaje en la pagina.y si sabia pues pa los q no saben.
  5. Tuning and Electronics
    Last night we (Hackish, WolverineOttawa) did a couple Dynos. One of which was on my '07 9G Galant Ralliart (6G75) with the ECU flashed. This Dyno shows the stock results (2) vs the Reflash Results (1). The tests were done on a Mustang Dyno while the car was warm (the cooler car yielded better...
  6. Driveline
    Micheal of psi tuning (hackish) is right around the corner from bully clutch. He said if we send a stock clutch and plate up to him he can have them match up what's out there to fit our car. Another cool think with bully is, that have a patent on there plate design that use rollers instead of...
  7. GS
    Here is a list of similar style injectors that I could find that in theory should be Plug'n'Play.. However, I can not confirm whether or not they will be Plug'n'Play as they haven't all been tested. Also it is strongly recommended to retune your car using a Air/Fuel Ratio Wideband 02 Sensor and...
81-87 of 87 Results