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  1. Audio & Lighting
    just seeing if anyone was planning on going to this I am, so i was seeing if anyone wanted to meet up and hangout or anything let me know! EDC Las Vegas 2013 - Insomniac Events
  2. South East
    just seeing if anyone around the area wants to hangout this afternoon i dont get off work tell 8 but i dont have to work tell noon tomorrow so was hoping to hangout go to the bar or something let me know
  3. South East
    1st Annual Virginia Radioshack Meet! Ok this should be enough time for everyone to play for the meet! May 25th ! anyways Radioshack in yorktown we are having an all day meet so it will be worth it for the drive for people! breakfast is on me wont be much pasteries and coffee! hangout play some...
  4. Midwest
    I am making this thread for anyone and everyone, around Minnesota in the Mid west here. This thread will be for 4g of the Twin Cities (4g MN club) to get info out about all the 2 day meets we have during the summer. We decided to start doing these 2 day meets, because of our growing club. And...
1-4 of 4 Results