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  1. Eclipse Performance
    hi everyone my current mode is headers,cai,magnaflow muffler,tb bypass,outlaw spacer here the question is it worth it a proflow tb and deleting the 3rd cat i want to make sure i got most of the mods before i reflash to get the full benefit. thanks in advance
  2. Eclipse Performance
    Hey there gang, its almost time for a new modification for the whip, and I've been contemplating between either doing my headers first from RRE, or the Injen 3" catback. Each mod has its positives and negatives. and these include Exhaust- (+)cheaper cost, easy to install, probably fast...
  3. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Merged with other thread. Thanks everyone for looking and/or buying.
  4. Eclipse Performance
    okay so im going to do a restricter/resonator delete in a couple of hours , will i throw a code in doing so? what can i do if it throws a code? also im putting on OBX Long Tube Headers and our cats are located right there on the pipes so will i defiantly throw a code? if so does anyone know how...
  5. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    so i just sold my short tube RRE headers, and now im looking to buy some lowering springs or coilovers or something...anyone have any or wants to sell? let me knowww! :kiss:
  6. Great Lakes Region
    You know you want to come... MyBoostedGST Photography What: Buschur Racing DSM Shootout Where: Norwalk, OH @ the famous Norwalk/Summit Motorsports Park Drag Strip When: August 17th-19th, 2012 Why you dont want to miss out: PRESENTED BY: BUSCHUR RACING THREE DAYS OF SHOOTOUT FUN FOR 2012...
  7. New Members Forum
    what up fellow 4g owners. my name is brian but my friends call me smitty. (yes my last name is smith lol). i just purchased a 2008 GT. its completely stock. i just moved to georgia from korea. (military) after i get settled in and get my place setup im going to start doing a little bit of...
  8. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Just wondering if it would be illegal if I bought an INJEN Full Exhaust to go along with my OBX Headers. I don't want to be pulled over or anything, and i didn't see anyone having here on the forums that I looked for, so I'm not for sure. I was planning on buying a new exhaust, either Injen...
  9. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    I have up for sale a slightly used Tanabe Under Brace Bar. I had it on the car for about a week until I installed my headers and custom exhaust which just so happened to rub a tiny bit. :( Your gain my lost. I took pictures of the bar, as you can see its in great condition besides the little rub...
  10. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    What are some good performance parts I can add under the hood to increase hp other than the typical turbo,supercharger,intake or headers..thanks in advance, also can someone provide a website to purchase performance parts seems a little difficult to find for a 4g
  11. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    So recently I had gutted my front cats and seemed to notice what "felt" like a loss of power in the low end rpm range. However, with that said and to be quite fair not exactly scientific I use a specific stretch of road near my home to test performance increases. It is from a dead stop at a...
  12. New Members Forum
    Hey I'm not sure if I'm listing this in the rite place or not I'm new on the site and this is the closing thing I've found for it being the rite place to post lol anyways my name is randy I'm 25 and I found out about the 4g club while searching for parts for my 4g. I started reading allot of...
  13. Motorsports (Racing)
    My mods are on my sig. Mustang mods are intake, headers, exhaust, straight pipe, port and polished head, gears (forgot which), brand new drag radials, tune, and maybe Raced him 3 times. First two times I had a passenger (270 lbs) With me. Couldnt get traction and id bog on 2nd. Car would hop...
  14. Problem Reports
    Coming out of the parking lot from work today, I noticed that my exhaust note sounded really rice-tastic. It almost had a clogged / muffled sound to it. It was fine coming into work this morning. When I got home I checked the exhaust system over thoroughly - no holes, no loose heat shields, no...
  15. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    ripp mods high flow cat and long tube headers-lets talk price and how many miles are on them. also willing to trade electronics, extra car parts i have, and of course cash. let me know what u have and what u want for it. pm me or just post on here. thanks guys!
  16. Eclipse Performance
    I just wanted to give RRE some well deserved props! I ordered some shorites (GT) from them on 9/14/12, and within 10 minutes Mike had sent a confirmation email. I recived them today (9/19/12), which is only 3 full buisness days so I am extreamly impressed! I love the company and would recomend...
  17. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    I've been getting tons of people asking me if anyone has obx gt headers in stock yet. Well up until now the answer was no. Well I found a place that does indeed have them again . Since I cannot pm everyone that's ask I figured I'd just post a thread instead. Here's a link for you guys OBX SS304...
  18. Motorsports (Racing)
    The hatch has lots of weight shaved off, gsr motor imported from japan with a p28ecu, intake, headers&exhaust. No his car isn't automatic. ***WARNING*** Cam was outside of window. LOUD
481-498 of 500 Results