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  1. Problem Reports
    [ 2007 GS 5spd Manual ] Hey all. A few weeks ago I was driving slowly in 1st gear (clutch fully engaged) and I gave it a good punch of gas and let down smoothly. Ever since then, there has been a noise I can't figure out. - Sounds like a belt turning/humming. - Starts very low and rises in...
  2. Problem Reports
    I mistakenly posted this in the wrong forum so I'm posting it here now. I have an '06 GS with manual tranny and a short time ago, I started hearing a humming/grinding noise. It sounded and acted just like a wheel bearing. After doing the swerving test and jacking it up with both front wheels off...
  3. Problem Reports
    Help! Electrical issue [FIXED] I was trying to hook my JVC stereo to my car today, I am pretty good at radio wiring so I didn't bother to buy a harness to hook it up. I cut the wires going to the OEM radio harness and proceeded to splice the wires and hook them up to the JVC radio harness...
  4. Problem Reports
    When I turn the key to the accessory position nothing happens, but when I turn it to the on position it starts making a weird buzzing noise. I start the car and it stops. video of noise: IMG 0114 - YouTube I'm not to sure of when this started, the first time I noticed this I had installed...
1-4 of 4 Results