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  1. Current Car Of The Month
    Congratulations to Steve_06_Ark for being the first to step up for the special edition COTM, saving me from picking! 2006 GT (Silver) Automatic Mods: AEM cold air intake, RRE...
  2. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Hey fellas, just got my car back after having some work done do it. (Injen CAI, RRE Headers, Energy motor mounts, ebiach pro kit lowering springs and magnaflow catback exhaust) The shop told me they had to delete the pipe connecting the RRE manifold to the EGR as it would not line up. My EGR...
  3. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi everyone, just found this forum and couldn't be happier. About a month ago I bought a manual 2009 Eclipse GS from a dealership (literally the only eclipse I've seen for sale in MI) and it only has ~82,xxx miles on it. The first thing I did to it was get the rims dipped black and installed...
  4. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Up for grabs - RRE Bolt on Axleback Magnaflow from ACI. Had it on the car for about 8 months. In pretty good condition except a scrape on the tip from being lifted onto a tow truck trailer. Small baby dent from who knows.. Asking $150 - located in SoCal Riverside/San Bernardino area. Let me know!!
  5. New Members Forum
    Been on the forums for a little while never posted though. Thought might as well introduce myself and my 4g and a project car currently working on. Well both are technically project cars This is my 2009 eclipse GS not much in the way of mods but more are on their way. 1: cat-back magnaflow...
  6. Español Solamente
    Saludos quisiera saber si el header obx ecaja correctamente con la tuberia de escape de magnaflow o si necesito hacer algo para que funcione
  7. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    so at my work yesterday my Master Tech installed my headers and my magnaflow exhaust on my car. we even gutted the cat on the bottom by installing a 2.25" pipe and some band clamps. overall it sounds amazing, just now it has the idle issues along with the acceleration. thankfully I made it home...
  8. Eclipse Performance
    After investigating here on the boards, and from reviews, stay away from the cheap headers and exhaust on ebay combo for 271. So I'm looking right now at the OBX headers and the magnaflow catback as the injen won't fit the GS. I also thought would be a good idea to have them ceramic coated...
  9. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    So was running errands and happened to be by a exhaust shop and was talking to the owner and he was telling me that magnaflow has the deepest rumble anyone want to chime in on this? I thought borla was better but idk
  10. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Passenger door 350$ Rear bumber 230$ Trunk 350$ Passenger fender 50$ driver fender 50$ Rear seats 50$ Both tail lights 100$ Hood 250$ Se spoiler 120$ after market GS Magnaflow catback exuast system 250$ only (1k milage, original price was 600$) Driver headlight 50$ Trunk carpet 20$ Audio 20$ GS...
  11. Canada
    Are there any 4G members in Edmonton? or know anyone thats selling performance parts for eclipse in Alberta region?? looking for like -lowered springs -Exhaust Parts, mainly looking for magnaflow parts
  12. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Soon going to sell my car as parts but first I want to sell my after market parts Magnaflow catback for 2.4 gs 2006-2008 450$ plus shipping also selling my short ram intake injen brand 220$ they both have 1k mileage on them just like new..
  13. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    The car have salvage title that how i bought it. I been having this car since 2011. The car have 90k miles with new timing belt and water pump installed last month. Also I have Installed this summer new rotors and break pads. For the performance I have also installed this summer Magnaflow...
  14. Eclipse Performance
    Since I'm essentially doing a magnaflow catback exhaust while replacing the cat, wouldn't replacing the downpipe be necessary? replacing the downpipe with a 2.5" when I install my RRE shorties would make sense or am i just spouting off?
  15. Eclipse Performance
    So after a few tips from a few members, Saber, is the only one I can think off the top of my head. I decided to go on the journey of organzing my own headerback exhaust, I've down the magnaflow cat i want to use (part#54306M), but I'm having trouble finding a resonator that will do the trick...
  16. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust System - 16667 by MagnaFlow Under Highlight it says:"Gain up to 20HP and 20lbs of Torque" I don't think that's right, that or they're leaving something out, am i wrong?
  17. Eclipse Performance
    I've looked around a little and found a few answers regarding the sound, but performance wise is there a specific order to do it? IE: Headers before Exhaust or vise versa?
  18. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    I am selling my loved GS as I am looking to buy a WRX. I recently installed the Magnaflow Catback Exhaust and just changed the oil 200 miles ago. Here is the link to the craigslist posting: 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS I will add a picture with proof of ownership when I get home from work.
  19. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey guys, Silverbulletsvt here. I hope i'm posting in the correct forum with the correct format. I live in Los Angeles California, and a company named DNA Motoring, or some of you may know it by "Speed Daddy"(wierd name imo) teamed up with me to tune and create this headers system. Again, its a...
  20. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Been looking at my (rather limited) options for catbacks recently. I'm liking the Injen w/highflow cat, but am worried the 3" diameter piping will be too much for my NA. Magnaflow offers a more reasonable 2.5" exhaust, but it requires chopping and goes on just after the stock 3rd cat. So I...
1-20 of 482 Results