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  1. New Members Forum
    Hi! My name is Otis. I'm a new member of this forum :ndance: Nice to meet all of you! :)
  2. New England
    Hey what's up guys, I just recently joined the forum and noticed there isn't a whole lot of people here. Anyways I was just wondering if there was any 4g owners from Massachusetts or around here that would want to throw together a meet or a cruise sometime? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. South East
    I recently found on Facebook the cars and coffee of the upstate page and they meet every month at the Michelin center in Greenville, and I'm talking hundreds of cars and trucks. I caught the end of it last month and it was crazy. I was just wanting to let everyone know as I'm going to be going...
  4. Ifo

    Great Lakes Region
    Anyone going to be at Import Face Off tomorrow 4/23/17 you should meet up with us and cruise down to hebron, ohio. Were leaving pilot at 630am address is 10048 Avon lake rd Burbank ohio.
  5. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Need both main headlight bulb adapters for my new depot headlights. Willing to meet up as well.
  6. New Members Forum
  7. Eclipse Performance
    Hi friends! In this topic I want to talk about the headers. I don't know English. I understand what it was, what kind of things are discussed. But I do not understand why the exhaust manifold is called the "header". My translator translates this word as a "title". Well. All people (tuners...
  8. South Central
    Anyone in the south wanna link up a meet and be life long eclipse friends :) and create an elite 4G Club for "in person"?
  9. Texas
    :scratch:I have noticed that there haven't been any post for any upcoming meets.. will there be any meets any time soon?:sadwavey:
  10. Southwest
    Anyone going to the hard parked meet November 5th in Phoenix? I will be there. Its a meet hosted by Race Warz and UTI. I would post the facebook page, but I'm still a new member. So I'm not allowed. I created my account here years ago. Just search Hard Parked II in facebook. It should pop up...
  11. Florida
    So will anybody on here be going to the big mitsu meet tomorrow on Daytona Beach? If so let me know where your coming from.. I'll be meeting a group in Lakeland and orlando to ride in with Sent from Free App
  12. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD $9250 or best offer, wanting to sell fast! 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, low mileage, 68,700. Posted on both Craigslist and Carguru Located in Savannah, GA. Willing to transport at owners expense. Can drive and meet if not too far. Craigslist: 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT - BLACK...
  13. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Is there any club meets near or in Tennessee? If so when and where?
  14. Great Lakes Region
    Would be nice to get a 4G meet set up around central Illinois. Plenty of good areas. (I'm new to the forums btw, nice to see you all.)
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  16. New Members Forum
    Hello all. I'm a new member of club4g and I'm also new to the modding scene. I'm 25 from Evergreen Park, IL. I drive a 08 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS auto trans. I'm not that mechanically handy so all my work will most likely be done professionally. As far as the kinda work I want done to my car I'm...
  17. New Members Forum
    Hey guys, My name is Aiden and I joined up on this site to learn about mods, meet people, make friends, and to talk about things I can do with my Eclipse. I honestly feel kinda lucky to have the Eclipse that I have come to own. I went out looking for a car to just get me from point a to point b...
  18. New Members Forum
    hi everyone nice to meet you all. just picked up a 2006 gs 5spd with 102k for 4900. is there anything anyone suggests i should check specifically etc?
  19. New Members Forum
    Hello World! I used to be a part of back in the day and when I sold it I went to a bmw and, of course, was a part of the site devoted to that type of vehicle. I now am the proud owner, 2 years so far (i think), of a 2006 Eclipse GT 6speed. I live in Athens Ga so if you're in the...
  20. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    OEM 18's with tires - SOLD Edit: SOLD. SOLD! SOLD?