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  1. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Hello everyone ! I just purchased an Eclipse GS 2011. The detail with which I have been having problems, is that the dashboard lights are still on after the car is turned on, with the exception of the "Check engine". After scanning, it does not show any error code. I have reviewed fuses and...
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    how can to identify my 4g eclipse gt transmission, I recently acquired an eclipse, but it only has 5 speeds + reverse :pat:, it have a noise and I think it's input shaft bearing but first i have to know what tranmission i have, some body can help me im from mexico, sorry for my bad english
  3. Motorsports (Racing)
    Stock stats on both cars look pretty close. Looks like it would be very close. Anyone race one of these yet (in Mexico of course)?? A buzzy one with giggling kids pulled up next to the Spyder yesterday while I was cruisin in the sun with the top down. It took off like American Rice with a can...
  4. Mexico
    Hola Team Espero estén bien soy nuevo en el foro cuento con un eclipse spyder quería preguntarle a alguno de ustedes sabe donde puedo adquirir en la ciudad de mexico el kit aerodinámico para darle un toque mas deportivo :D quiero conseguir el aleron las cejas de los faros y spoiler delantero...
  5. New Members Forum
    Hi my name is Israel, I from to Mexico City. I have a standard 2007 GT eclipse just 15 days ago thanks for the add, I'm from Mexico City. I am familiarizing myself with the forum and club. Thank you
  6. Motorsports (Racing)
    In spanish for best expressions! Que tal amigos, pues el día de ayer por primera vez lo lleve a la pista local, con árbol de luces y esta fue mi experiencia. La pista opera con un tiempo limite inferior de 9 segundos, debido a que la zona de frenado no supera los 800 metros, en total la pista...
  7. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    hi i am new to this sooy forum culiacan mexico story with an eclipse 2006 automatic my problem is this truck buy second but the details that the car with its previous owner had a crash and does not have the fog lights or with the bizeles my question is to what extent are these lighthouses...
  8. Mexico
    hola soy nuevo en este foro sooy de culiacan mexico cuento con un . eclipse 2006 automatico mi problema es el siguinete el carro lo compre de segunda pero el detalla que el coche con su anterior dueño tuvo un choque y no cuenta con los faros de niebla ni con los bizeles mi pregunta es de que...
  9. New Members Forum
    Hello to all members an not members... maybe I should say "users" of this forum... Well, I´m Ruben San Juan, and I live in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico. I got to this forum because a month and a half ago I´ve earned a Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 2006 ATX, and I want to know all of that... its my second...
  10. Canada
    Hey odd question, I have had a car sitting in storage and lots of turbo parts sitting around for the last few years. I actually live in Mexico now. However, I am in town to do something about my car and I am considering installing the turbo and either driving my car to Mexico or selling it...
  11. Driveline
    4g69 FWD swap 4WD? Hi there! I'm done some research and Im wondering if I can do a 4G ( A / T ) 4wd with some outlander ( A / T ) parts, I gone to a Auto Dismantler today (AKA yonke in mexico) and look a 2005 outlander 2.4L A/T AWD,I look the transmission and I see exactly the same on an 4g,my...
  12. Mexico
    Hola amigos de Mexico. Como que ya no hay mucha actividad en esta area.. O ya los eclipse desaparecieron de Mexico??:sweat: Sola pa hacer un update ....aver si todavia hay gente de Mexico en este forum. Bueno pues feliz año nuevo y estoy a sus ordenes pa lo que pueda ayudar.
  13. New Members Forum
    Hi, my name is Diego from Monterrey, Mexico. I have a 2007 eclipse Gt spyder.
  14. Audio & Lighting
    My girlfriend's 2007 Eclipse GS has the dreaded headlight hazing problem.:sad: I am using a restoring kit, but that only goes so far and will not last forever in the desert SW. Replacements of some kind will be necessary sometime in the next year or so. My problem is that her headlights are...
  15. The Lounge
    The Perseids Meteorite Shower is one of the best showers I look forward to every year, it normally produces the best show with hundreds of particles entering the atmosphere every hour. The peak for this show will be the night of 12 August, and the morning of 13 August, peaking around 01:00 AM...
  16. Member's Videos
    Hope you like this decent off the San Juan Caprock, New Mexico.
  17. New Members Forum
    hi guys, my name is Harim, i am from Guadalajara, Mexico, first time owning a mitsubishi :D so far i am happy with it, all my previous cars were mopars, so just decided to change the brand not that much lol, mine is a 2009 GT orange been reading for a while (before purchasing it) and there is...
  18. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    For all the 4g folks in Mexico, I am selling the aerokit rear lip. It's made of Fiberglass and fits perfectly. I am asking $2500 pesos plus shipping, located in Mexico City.
1-19 of 133 Results