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  1. Car Of The Month
    Havik Jhun35
  2. Member's Rides
    I've ben here for awhile, never posted anything due to not really having any good way to make quality photos, but here we go. This was done at a photoshoot with my car club. Wheels: XXR 526 18.9 +35MM Offset 225/35/18 Falken Tires Suspension: D2 R Series Coilovers Ingalls Stiffy Engine: OBX...
  3. Member's Videos
    Mod please delete this thread, i accidentley placed in wrong area. i remade under member rides section.
  4. New Members Forum
    Howdy ya'll. I'm Shal, but most people call me Lexy. I stumbled upon this forums facebook page and have been keeping up with it for a while now, so I decided to finally join the forums. I'm originally from Brazil but have lived in the USA most of my life. I'll say this, I'm not like most of...
  5. Meet Pictures
    Spur of the moment photoshoot with Emilio, here's some pics! IMG_3823 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3828 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3832 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3837 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3839 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3843 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3845 by RICHIEM22...
  6. Meet Pictures
    So I finally got around to taking some pictures of my car with the new look. Artem was also in town for a meet at the local Mitsubishi dealership so we took some pictures, enjoy! :bigthumb: IMG_3769 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3770 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3772 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr...
  7. South Central
    Cokolia and I meet up today for a few photos. Only uploading a few for now... LOTS more to come. IMG_8918 by Scrape Artist, on Flickr IMG_8928 by Scrape Artist, on Flickr IMG_8932 by Scrape Artist, on Flickr
  8. Meet Pictures
    I got tired of the black on black on black on black... so I changed it up a bit. I'm really liking it, especially when I see the reflection of it rolling. Let me know what you all think :cheers: IMG_3248 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr IMG_3250 by RICHIEM22, on Flickr I'll be doing an actual...
  9. Photography
    I haven't really been taking many car pictures lately, and I hate it! Just wanted to see if anyone is near the Tampa area and is willing to let me get some shots of their car. I want to expand the cars that I shoot so if anyone is interested, let me know! These are some of my shots! IMG_3164...
  10. New Members Forum
    Hey! Just joining the forum. Bought Semi's 2006 Eclipse GT Saturday, and I've loved every second of it. Making a few minor changes cosmetically and a few updates mechanically, I'm looking forward to posting pictures after I take a photoshoot next weekend. Cheers!
  11. Member's Rides
    The time is around the corner for me to hang up the 4g hat and get into my next project. Thought Id share one final shoot that I did today. IMG_6785 by Scrape Artist, on Flickr IMG_6790 by Scrape Artist, on Flickr IMG_6776 by Scrape Artist, on Flickr IMG_6792 by Scrape Artist, on...
  12. Florida
    What's up everyone! We are trying to organize a meet for us SoFla peeps and everyone nearby that is willing to drive here (Orlando, Tampa, Naples, etc)! The RRE crew is going to be at the Palm Beach International Raceway for this event Formula DRIFT - Schedule - Pro Championship - Palm Beach...
  13. Member's Rides
    I plan on trying to update this as I go. I'll keep my list of mods and most recent pic here at the top. Lots of pics! Interior 20% tinted front windows. 5% tinted rear windows. Exterior Ralliart Paint Matched Eyelids. Debadged. Matte Black Plasti Dip pillars, hatch and wheels. Blue...
  14. Photography
    Hey guys there is a photographer that is local to my area and is holding a competition for a full photoshoot with prints. I am entered into it and currently the only FRS. Please like this photo. The winner is whoever has the most likes at the end. People are to like the car not the picture...
  15. Southwest
    Hey guys !! I'm finally gonna make it up to phoenix this weekend. Oct 13th(Saturday ) is a car meet ! They have one every week at Pavillions. If you guys can show up that would be awesome ! Id like to meet a more 4g owners. Joeyc might be able to make it out. If you guys are interested let...
  16. Announcements
    As you may have already noticed, the site has a rotating set of banners now which incorporate the official site logo. For the time being, I'm keeping the old banner in the rotation for old times sake.
  17. Member's Rides
    She got sold for 9500 shes a 2008 gs with 50k miles. Made the eyelids myself, custom fogs, painted rims, added se spoiler, 6K high/low HID, Injen intake, lightweight pully and thats pretty much it. All pics are un edited shot from iphone 4. Sad to see her leave.. enjoy
  18. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    So took her out and got some sexy pics. There are a TON so please be patient. They are uploading now, and I haven't edited any of them. This weekend the wife and I are going to go out sat night and take her downtown to get some sexy city pics, the purge should be up and running by then too ;)
  19. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    Some new photo's. Newest cosmetics: Blacked out wheels, front bumper, rear reflectors, both emblems. Debadged. Painted brake calipers and new gloss black halo's. Loving the new look. And one with the MKZ Calipers didn't stand out very well in the pics, but in person you can't...
  20. Member's Rides
    Hey, ive been on these forums since i got my car almost a year ago, up untill recently my car looked pretty..... stock, i think ive finally done enough to be able to post here (: pictures are in order from oldest to newest. It is a 2006 Auto GS (Wish i had a 6 speed v6 :noplease:) There are also...
1-20 of 62 Results