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  1. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I bought the Depo headlights, only to find out later that it's only PnP for 06-08 headlights; not my HID '11s. Looked in the forums, and got the H13 9008 replacement bulbs to use for the Depo headlights; now my bumpers off and looking at the wiring harness, the sockets don't match up with my...
  2. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Selling the stereo out of my eclipse and putting the stick back in to get money for my build. Awesome setup! The plastic on the radio matched the faceplate and looks like it was stock from factory. The blue lights also match all the blue on the other car gauges. You can't find a cleaner radio...
  3. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    I was lookin to order a cam from rpw. I was thinking of getting the 272 duration/ 300 lift or stage 2. Would i need to upgrade my springs and which would be the best choice? I have an auto with CA intake, exhaust, underdrive pulley, PNP intake manifold, GT throttle body, and UV Tunes. Thanks for...
  4. Eclipse Performance
    Road Race Motorsports emailed me back and said they could pnp my intake manifold for $380 and they might have a couple other things for me. Is it worth it?
  5. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Meth pump and tank still available! Price drop $200 shipped! FIC has been sold. $350 AEM FIC and BrianJ GT PnP Harness $OLD!!! $OLD!!!! $250 AEM Pump, 5 Gallon Tank, Nozzles, Check Valve, and High Pressure Hose Does Not Include Meth Controller
  6. Problem Reports
    Has anyone had any problems with their BrianJ Harness from RRE? The pins on my harness at the FIC controller constantly push out of the harness causing all sorts of issues since its loosing vital connections. Just today, I was tuning for boost, and the MAF out wire pulled out of the terminal...
  7. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    For sale is my upper intake plenum and lower intake manifold. These came directly off of my car a little over a week ago. They are in perfect working order with no cracks or holes in the casting. If you're planning on porting and polishing your intake and don't want to have your car down for any...
  8. Eclipse Performance
    Been looking into cams lately because I'm going to have a big chunk of change coming in next year and my job is picking up so money wont be an issue soon and I'm getting serious about the 4G shit again. I'm full bolt on with the FIC installed but no tune yet and my next move will be a cam and...
  9. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Sooooo... that third resonator on the IM, whether or not it's designed to balance the harmonics, it pisses me off. It's to the point where I almost feel like I'm going to find more resonators that weren't there before, attached like little leeches to my oil pan, fuel tank, muffler and probably...
  10. Good Guys/Bad Guys
    Both these guys are great to deal with. Worked with me every step of the way and delivered their products on time. I highly recommend them as sellers! Thanks guys! BrianJ -Pnp Harness for the GS Trevroar -AEM Fic -Pillar for gauges -Gauges
  11. GT
    Ok so before i start i'm gonna say this to avoid getting flamed: I've done my research and know everything i need to do a turbo build. I'm (hopefully) getting rods from a member next week, then i'm going to be looking for pistons. got motor mounts, I/H/E, clutch, wastegate, FMIC, etc...when...
  12. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Up for sale is AEM FIC and PNP harness for gs in great working condition 500 plus shipping any question text 773 971 2033 paypal only! or cash if local pick up Uploaded with
  13. Audio & Lighting
    Yes I searched :) Just curious if the stock HID's on the new Eclipses can work in our non HID equipped cars, They seem to have the same outer shape so to me, other than $$ it seems doable. Just would be SO nice to have a REAL, proper pnp HID set.
  14. Motorsports (Racing)
    So my buddy just got a new car "^title" So he called this evening and wanted to race me and see who was faster etc. His car has a dc header, magna exhaust, rims, short shifter. I am fully built minus a tune, and intake manifold. So we headed out to the back roads where there was little to no...
  15. Tuning and Electronics
    well as of right now i cannot find my dvd for the fic install so if anyone knows an online source where i can watch it or if sumone can burn and send me a file it would b much appreciated ! i do have the PnP harness so thats a good start lol
  16. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Alright after searching through the site i have been trying to do some research on our intake manifolds. Mainly because i feel like there is some real potential for our engines "n/a". I was talking to my mechanic about some dream swaps/ conversions to do to my engine when he recommended throwing...
  17. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    Just got out of school and I'd like to get back into modding my car. Currently I have the Intake, RRE headers, Magnaflow/custom exhaust, Cry02 System, Coils (Cusco), 245width tires, and rear sway. Here were my options (currently): 1. 100 Shot Nitrous, AEM FIC, Brian PNP, Tune Motor Mount, SS...
  18. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    ok this may sound like a dumb question. i dropped off my cylinder head to get PnP and i was talking to the guy and they asked about cam bearings. im wondering does the 4g69 have built in cam bearings.
  19. Audio & Lighting
    I hear that HID's will work for the projector style headlights and i would love to get the PNP harness and the purple lights for this but have no idea where to look for them or how to do it. can anyone please help?
1-20 of 59 Results