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  1. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    Hi friends! From the title of the thread is clear about what will be discussed. At the moment there is a spare 4G69 engine. With this engine I'm conducting different experiments. It will also be a great and interesting topic. Probably a couple of months. When I get results. For this project, I...
  2. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I have an 2.4l 07 Mitsubishi eclipse and and was wanting to know if somebody could link me to a website that I can order performance pully from and header also to tell my if the make a super or pro charger kit that will work on my car and a link to that website aswell thank
  3. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hi guys new to the forum and liking alot of the info i get ... I have a quick question... my cup holder silder is broken and it slide right away and no pully system working on it.. you know where you feel some force when you put it up or down.. and i hear the gears (maybe) inside of it just...
  4. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hello I am selling a RIPP mods supercharger with stage 1 and 2 pully and 2 vortech supercharger oil. Also the sale includes an RIPP meth injection kit wit it. Decided to sell becuase I had it sitting in my garage after i bought it and never installed it its been owned twice i never installed it...
  5. Problem Reports
    So, I had my timing belt changed, had them go ahead and replace both belts accessory belts. I got the nice Good-Year Gator-Grip ones. Driving home, one of the bolts here: Fell out of its place, how I have no idea. Snaped by belt, and it may have ruined my pully. I am not sure as I have not...
  6. Member's Rides
    Picked up a 2007 GS 5speed in LA with 56k on it a few months ago, enjoying driving a car with a little bit more pep it!. So far just a DC CAI, short shifter & bushings and a few other small things that make it more enjoyable for me (cig lighter in the arm rest, better stereo and speakers tint...
  7. Member's Rides
    It's an 07 GS 5speed. CAI and short shifter for now, waiting for 60k miles to get the timing belt, underdrive pully and headers put on!
  8. New Members Forum
    As I'm sure you can figure out, I bought an Eclipse! I was looking for a car for 2 months and found this one at a dealership in the Los Angeles area. He was asking 10,000 for it, talked him down to 9500 out the door. It's an 07 GS 5speed in still blue pearl, and had 57,000ish on it. Major...
  9. 4G Eclipse GT/SE Specific
    I am nearing 90,000 miles and am starting to get these done slowly. I want to know what everyone would have done for maintenance and in which order. I have a warranty on the vehicle until August 8th 2013, or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. I paid about $500 for it, and so far has saved...
  10. Member's Rides
    She got sold for 9500 shes a 2008 gs with 50k miles. Made the eyelids myself, custom fogs, painted rims, added se spoiler, 6K high/low HID, Injen intake, lightweight pully and thats pretty much it. All pics are un edited shot from iphone 4. Sad to see her leave.. enjoy
  11. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Crank pully&new belt - 40$ shipped obo &Exhaust pipe seal 10$ shipped
  12. Problem Reports
    So, my 4-banger started going south about 6 months ago... very slowly. Starting Point - Car has had a cat-back, an AEM F/IC (that isn't being used right now), the new pully and a CAI for about 4 years with no problems... until now First it was just an occasional loss of power @ WOT, slowly got...
  13. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Hey everyone looks like the gs is on the way out ima inherit my dads black 2006 mustang gt convertable soo i need some money to fix it up. its a rre pully asking 105 you pay shipping they are currently 180 on aci. Comes with belt and pully. Intake is cold air with all materials needed to install...
  14. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Please i neeed these before christmas
  15. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Wtb any of the following. Exhaust, headers(rre only),lightweight pully, and gt tb. Im in Nj so if your close we could avoid shipping cost
  16. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
  17. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD. SOLD I'm selling my used supercharger kit... Everything is at 100% working order I'm just looking to go big on the new engine... What comes with this kit 1. Ripp mods bratt box no meth electronics 2. The v5 G supercharger and shaft with stage 1 pully and belt 3. The bov...
  18. 4G Eclipse GS/SE Specific
    So far i have rre headers, magnaflow cat, and injen cai, rre underdrive pully is next. What else should i get??? And ware can i get it ??? Thanks
  19. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    so i hear good things about it, and i want one. lol for an 07' eclipse
1-19 of 48 Results