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  1. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I'm missing my rear bumper exhaust trim on the left side. Right side trim is still there. Where do I find this and what is it called? This is a 2011 eclipse gs black color
  2. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I am looking for a rear bumper that has a passenger single exhaust design. I have looked around and I am not sure which to choose. I don't care about material quality. Any suggestions?
  3. Exterior Parts
    I have been looking for an aftermarket rear bumper that has a passenger side single exhaust design. Are there any suggestions as to what I should take a look at? Quality is not a concern just something that looks cool. I have been looking at Visracing kits but I am not seeing reviews on them...
  4. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Prefer them to be in orange but let me know
  5. New Members Forum
    My son recently purchased a 2009 Eclipse Spyder. Its a great looking car but needs a rear bumper cover replacement. He is looking at maybe a front and rear bumper cover kit to upgrade the look. We are seeing mixed reviews on the kits and wanted to research what would be the best. Has anyone...
  6. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    My son just purchased a 2009 Eclipse Spyder and is looking to upgrade the look by adding a body kit. The rear bumper needs replaced due to some gouges. We have looked online and got wide array of prices and reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  7. Problem Reports
    Has anyone had this part of the rear bumper break loose? I've punched it as hard as I can and it's not snapping back in to place, something came apart that connects to quarter panel I assume. Is there an easy fix? Really hoping to avoid removing full back bumper, but this needs fixing'.
  8. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Had the hatch open and realized that all the clips that hold the rear bumper to the car and the cover piece were missing. I looked online and they are expensive for plastic, around $1.50 a piece. So I opened up all the holes by 1-2mm and you can use the same clips that are used on the front bumper.
  9. Problem Reports
    hello guys, I have a question, I need a new rear bumper lip for my eclipse but the dealer wants me to buy the entire new bumper when all I need is the lower lip repaired, i'll post a picture to get you guys thoughts, what should I do? see if a junk yard has the piece? Thanks a bunch for any info
  10. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    I have a 07 eclipse spyder and have some damage to the lower lip under the bumper around where the exhaust is. The problem is in order to get it fixed the dealership wants me to get a brand new bumper at $200 then have the shop paint it for another $700. do I have any other options, I checked...
  11. Cars For Sale/Wanted
    Selling My 4G Eclipse 73K Miles :( Sadly This Vehicle was Damaged only on Right Side Front of Hood and a bit on Fender, Everything Else is in Great Conditions Fresh White PaintJob 2012 Dual Rear Bumper, OBX Full Exhaust System, Brand New ACT Stage 2 Clutch, New alternator, 3.8 Engine is Normal...
  12. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Hey guys first time posting, don't know if i'm in the right place or not. But the other day i got rear-ended, messed up the bumper pretty bad so i'm getting a new one, from the pictures ive seen i really like the AIT Blackout-1 Rear Bumper (as seen on AutoCityImports) But i haven't seen anyone...
  13. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I have been searching for a rear diffuser option for 2009-2012 bumper. I was going to make some thing with aluminum but i couldnt get it to look right. Everything looked cheap and kinda looked ricey lol. I only did mock ups with cardboard and it nothing would flow correctly. So after a while of...
  14. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    I've got an idea for the front and sides(kit) but I'm perplexed as to what route I want to go with dealing with the rear bumper. I was thinking about a rear diffuser of some sorts but I can't find one. I'm also going to add an All Lip kit. Any advice would be helpful. Sent from my LGLS996...
  15. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    i just got my aero kit and having trouble installing some pieces. i have no clue what the rubber pipe is for in the kit. the installation guide is not very helpful. how do i put it on?
  16. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    The rear bumper assembly on my '06 Eclipse keeps coming off and flapping in the wind while I drive along the interstate. I'm not a "car guy" so of course I did all kinds of stupid things, including glue and zip ties, to keep it attached. It's only getting worse, so I recently purchased some...
  17. 2006-2012 Eclipse (General 4G)
    Since I have a 2009 GT, with the infamous "dual" exhaust outlet, I've decided to get a custom exhaust welded together instead of buying an aftermarket one, due to the fact all aftermarket products are single only. I don't want my dual-outlet rear bumper to have a single muffler sticking out. My...
  18. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    Im looking for a Rear Bumper year 09, any color, preferably from san antonio (its a short drive from laredo), thank you :)
  19. Interior and Exterior Modifications (Show)
    yo!! it's been years since I've logged in, I'm surprised I remembered my user name and password. miss this community - I've had my 4G for 10 years now and she is still killin it. I got into a wreck a couple months ago with an uninsured driver and am slowly repairing the front end damage. I'm...
  20. Automotive For Sale/Wanted
    No longer looking. I bought a new bumper and had it painted. It is a 2008 single exhaust so a 2006-2008 or 2009 single exhaust. After that I think they are all dual. Light metallic green would be a plus. Need one in pretty good shape. Thanks
1-20 of 70 Results