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    Hey everyone! My name is Ashlynn and I may soon be in the market for my 4th car. I've owned several Mazda6s and I absolutely love them, but unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with them, and MTX hatches are actually quite hard to find. My first was totaled in a rear-end accident 6 months...
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    New wheels, sideskirts, rear difuzer,dual center tuned exhaust, led tails. New front end with larger grill & diff. fogs..Also new seats......I want one.
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    sooo... i just got my 2011 eclipse gs a few months ago and i got rear ended!!! :( story: so, i was just merging onto the freeway and after everybody merged together(going together about 40mph).. it was a little slow and began speeding up to match freeway speed then the guy in front of me all...
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    Tranformers2 Corvette Stingray Concept/ Sideswipe Could this be the next generation Corvette/C7? Will there be a next generation Corvette in light of the sagging auto industry? "...Shots of the mysterious Corvette concept that's appearing in this year's Transformers sequel. So far, we've...